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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1898-99 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc., etc.

E,   pp. 86-90

Page 88

ALE ad NITER,                   N, 'I  IIII0   a U.0 
W. w  e,,J meiw. WINES AND LIQUORS, 
W0 E. MILWAUKEE S1T..   T hemoe ft .  dANEVILL. WEE. 
SLD                      88                    ENG 
ELDREDGE BARNABAS B. (Eldredge & Fisher) v.-pres. 
Rock County National Bank, res. 101 S. East. 
Eldredge William M. real estate, 9 Jackman bldg. res. 65 
Prospect av. 
ELDREDGE & FISHER (Barnabas B. Eldredge, Arthur M. 
Fisher) lawyers, 4-5 Jackman blk. 
Elfelt John, lab. res. 2 Glen Etta. 
Elfleine Mary, domestic, -6 N. High. 
Eller Bros. (William E. and Charles H. Eller) blacksmiths, 
11 N. Franklin. 
Eller Charles H. (Eller Bros.) res. 204 Mineral Pt. av. 
Eller Emma, res. 159 N. Franklin. 
Eller Florence A. res. 159 N. Franklin. 
Eller Frances M. bkpr. 3 N. Franklin, res. 159 N. Franklin. 
Eller Frank J. clk. 65 W. Milwaukee, res. 1 S. Hickory. 
Eller Hannah (wid. William) res. 159 N. Franklin. 
Eller William E. (Eller Bros.) res. 162 Linn. 
Elliott Mary Mrs. res. 53 Washington. 
Elliott Rose (wid. James) res. 28 St. Mary's av. 
Ellis Charles, bkpr. Rock River Woolen Mills. res. Hotel 
Ellis Ethel, res. 209 Center av. 
Ellis Friend W. foreman, res. 209 Center av. 
Ellis Jonathan, prop. Rock River Woolen Mills, res. Port 
Dover, Ont. 
Ellis Lottie W. Mrs. res. 37 S. Main. 
Ellis Victor, carpenter, res. 209 Center av. 
ElIman George, confectioner. 15 W. Milwaukee, res. 107 N. 
Elser Fred, del.-clk. 214 S. Main, res. 116 N. Franklin. 
Elser Minnie D. (wid. Charles C.) res. 116 N. Franklin. 
Elwood Maria (wid. Charles) res. 206 Lincoln. 
Emery Abigail F. (wid. George W.) res. 56 N. Jackson. 
Emery Nora J. stenog. 11 Jackman blk. rea. 56 N. Jackson. 
Emmons George W. in. agt. 81 S. Main, res. same. 
Emmons Harry C. lab. res. 31 S. Main. 
Emmons Willard, hostler, res. "112 E. Milwaukee. 
Emmons Willard M. lab. re. 81 S. Main. 
EMMONS W. W. & CO. (William W. Emmons) dept. store, 
53 W. Milwaukee. 
Emmons William W. (W. W. Emmons & Co.) res. 11 Pease ct. 
EMPIRE DRUG STORE, H. K. White. prop. 14 S. Main. 
Engebretsen Annie, dressmkr. res. 58 4th av. 
Jet; CAIIII=             p    The OUSTSOFT BOAL 
j.ou s |,M"                               n W. 
. eea At  usb~      hpsw. 
I O~O N. AeqyI~ U. elaphom U. JANU~ll. is.llm 

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