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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1898-99 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc., etc.

D,   pp. 79-86

E,   pp. 86-90

Page 86

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TELEPHONE 174.          le  *o.    Ad.1i W  *M.iNMWW 
DUL                     86                   BAB 
Duller Alfred J. blksmith, res. IS Racine. 
Duller Sarah E. (wid. Alfred A.) res. 106 S. Franklin. 
Duller William H." res. 106 S. Franklin. 
Dunbar George W. re. 3 Cornelia. 
Dunbar Mary, res. 2 Ruger av. 
Duncan Ida, domestic, 151 S. East. 
Dunn Chas. E. law student, 2 Bennett blk. res. 106 N. Jackson. 
Dunn Edward M. ins. agt. res. 106 N. Jackson. 
Dunn James, lab. re. 1Pleasant. - 
DunJohnson, res. 9 Vista av N. 
Dunn Liie, domestic, 201 Milton av. 
Dunn Margaret, clk. res. 8 Oakland av. 
Dunn Martin, res. 106 N. Jackson. 
Dunn Thomas, brakeman, res. Railroad Hotel. 
Dunphy Bridget, dressmkr. res. 65 Chatham. 
Dunphy Catherine (wid. Michael) res. 65 Chatham. 
Dunphy James H. mach res. 26 Milton av. 
Dusphy John, blacksmith, res. 210 Pleasant. 
Dunphy Maggie, dressmkr res. 65 Chatham. 
Dunphy Mary (wid. James) res. 303 S. Jackson. 
Dunphy   laJ. dressmkr. res. 65 Chatham. 
Dunwiddie Benjamin F. (Dunwiddie & Wheeler) rea. 165 
Dunwiddie Bernard L mach. res. 256 W. Bluff. 
Dunwiddie Flora, res. 405 Court. 
Dunwiddie Floyd F. caller, res. 256 W. Bluff. 
Dunwiddie I. Newton, condr. C. M. & St. P. Ry. res. 256 
W. Bluff. 
Dunwiddie & Wheeler (Benjamin F. Dunwiddie, William G. 
Wheeler) lawyers, 3 P. O. block. 
Durbin Joseph C. teamster, res. 102 Park. 
Dutton Noah, res. 1571 Milton av. 
Dutton William H. wirewkr. res. 155 Milton av. 
Dwyer Cora A. laundress, res. 253 S. Main. 
Dwyer John P. driver, reL Park Hotel. 
Dwyer Mary A. (wid. Daniel) res. 253 S. Main. 
Dwyer Patrick, lab. res. 18 S. Hickory. 
Dye Julia Mrs. cook, res. 107 Park pl. 
Dye Luella, waitress Grand Hotel. 
EAGAN Cecilia, weaver, res. 204 Cherry. 
Eagan John, lab. res. 202 S. Academy. 
Earle Charles S. foremqn, 64 N. Franklin, res. 2 Lincoln. 
Earle James S. foreman, S. B. Heddles, res. 58 Pearl. 
Eastman Leona M. Mr res. 206 Glen. 

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