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Janesville city directory, 1892-93, with a compendious street directory and map

F,   pp. 111-119

Page 118

i            I 
Western ave. 
Freeman Emily, re. 35 S. Main. 
Freeman Frank, spinner Janesville Cotton mills. 
Freeman Herman, spinner Janesville Cotton Mills. 
Freeman Ida, spinner Janesville Cotton Mills. 
I    ERM     V., printer and publisher, 6 N. Main, res. 16 Milton 
Friend William, res. 110 N. Jackson. 
Frink Charles N., evangalist, res. 107 S. Jackson. 
Frink Perry, cigar mkr., bde Windsor Hotel. 
Fritz Gustav C., restaurant, 5 8. Franklin, rem. same. 
Frommader Henry, barber, rem. 2 S. Jackson. 
Frost Emma, domestic, wks. 160 Locust. 
Frost Lewis P. Rev., res. a. a. 2nd 1 w. Center ave. 
Frost Susan, (wid John), res. 207 Locust. 
Frytag IPrederick, stone cutter, rm. 302 LiUnn. 
Fuelleman Gotlieb, cabinet mkr. H. F. Co., rems. 260 N. Bluff. 
Fulker John A., wiper C. & N. W., res. 202 Center ave. 
Fulker Corn, box mkr. Gazette, rem. 202 Center ave. 
Fuller Alfred J., watchman, rem. s. s. Hamilton 1 e. Madison ave. 
Fuller Edward C., mes. Am. Exp Co.. re. 256 N. Bluff. 
Fuller Joseph elk. A. D. Sanborn & Co., rems. 256 N. Bluff. 
Fuller Joseph E., elk., res. 57 Cherry. 
Fuller Maud L, school teacher, res. 256 N. Bluff. 
TFulton John U., barber, 151 W. Milwaukee, rem. 51 8 River. 
Fultman Herman, mason, rems. 460 S. Jackson. 
Funck Edward, plumber, rem. 115 Western ave. 
Funek Henry, head miller Ford & Croesett, rem. 115 Western ave. 
Funk William, carriage trimmer H. Buchhols & Co., rem. 58 Milton 
Furey James, lab., rem. 52 Jefferson. 
Furey Michael (Casey & Furey), rem. 52 Jefferpon. 
Furey Michael, teamster, res. 52 Jefferson. 
-U, ,I  klM ""OF. 
*   ..   - 

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