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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1917, Jan.-June
Wis Mss OP, Box 19, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

Ada James papers, correspondence, 1917, Jan.-June,   pp. [1]-[171] PDF (104.7 MB)

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N: ational Abirtl Touandtl
Cliairman, Mrs. John Rogers, N. Y.
Secretary, Miss Maud Younger, Cal.
Mrs. Robert Adamson, N. Y.
Mrs. Charles F. Amidon N. Dak.
aias Jessie Ashley, N.
Mrs. Mary Austin, Cal.
Mrs. Adolphus Clay Bartlett, Ill.
Mrs. Cyrus Beard, Wyo.
Mrs. Mary Ritter Beard, N. Y.
Mrs. Inez Milholland Boissevain, N. Y
Mrs. Edward Breitung, Mich.
Mrs. Alfred H. Bright, Minn.
Reverend Olympia Brown, Wis.
Miss Mary A. Burnham, Pa.
Mrs. Dora Phelps Buell, Col.
Mrs. Annie Wells Cannon, Utah
Mrs. John Carey, Ind.
Mrs. Joseph Carey, Wyo.
Miss Alice Carpenter, N. Y.
Mrs. Lillian Harris Coffin, Cal.
Mrs. William L. Colt, N. Y.
Mrs. Frank Cothren, N. Y.
Mrs. Lucius M. Cuthbert, Col.
Mrs. George H. Day, Conn.
Dr. Maria M. Dean, Mont.
Mrs. John Dewey, N. Y.
Miss Lavinia Dock, N. Y.
Mrs. Rheta Childe Dorr, N. Y.
Mrs. Crystal Eastman, N. Y.
Mrs. J. Andre Fouilhoux, Ore.
Miss Susan P. Frost, S. C.
Mrs. Emma Maddox Funck, Md.
Mrs. Elizabeth Gerberding, Cal.
Mrs. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, N. Y
Mrs. Inez Haynes Gilmore, Cal.
Mrs. Adolphus E. Graupner, Ual.
Mrs. Edwin C. Grice, Pa.
Mrs. Jennie Law Hardy, Mich.
Mrs. W. E. Hardy, Neb.
Ars. F. R. Hazard, N. Y.
Mrs. Phoebe A. Hearst, Cal.
Mrs. Wm. Randolph Hearst, N. Y.
Mrs. George Hendrie, Mich.
Mrs. Frederick C. Howe, N. Y.
Miss Mary Ingham, Pa.
Mrs. Agnes M. Jenks, R. I.
Miss Helen Keller, Mass.
Mrs. Florence Kelley, N. Y.
Mrs. John B. Kendrick, Wyo.
Dr. Cora Smith King, Wash.
Mrs. William Bross Lloyd, 111.
Mrs. Jessie Hardy MacKaye, D. C.
Mrs. ida Finney Mackrille, Cal.
Mrs. Lionel S. Marks, Mass.
Miss-Julia Marlowe, N. Y.
Miss Helen Marot, N. Y.
SIrs. Harris Masterson, Tex.
Miss Edythe Wynne Matthison, Coonn
Miss Marion May, N. Y.
Mrs. Bernice McCoy, Idaho
Mrs. Lilla Day Monroe, Kans.
Mrs. John T. Morrison, Idaho
Mrs. William Spencer Murray, Md.
Mrs. Ellen Spencer Mussey D. C.
Mrs. Meredith Nicholson, Ind.
Mrs. Adelina Otero-Warren, N. M.
Mrs. Marsden Perry, R. I.
Mrs. Annie Porritt, Conn.
Mrs. Alden Potter, Minn.
Mrs. William Prendergast, N. Y.
Mrs. Nina G. Proctor, N. Y.
Mrs. James Hayden Rector, Ohio
Mrs. Henry Ridgly, Del.
Miss Margaret Roberts, Idaho
Mrs. Julius Rosenwald, Ill.
Mrs. Charles- Edward Russell, D. C.
Prof. Lucy M. Salmon, N. Y.
Mrs. Frederick Sanborn, Cal.
Mrs. May Wright Sewall, Ind.
Mrs. Austin Sperry, Cal.
Mrs Albert Steinfeld, Ariz.
Mrs. Julius Stone, Ohio
Mrs. David D. Terry Ark.
Mrs. Mary C. Therkeisen, Ore.
Mrs. Robert Gibbes Thomas, S. C.
Mrs. W. I. Thomas, Ill.
Miss Clara L. Thompson, Mo.
Mrs. Shelley Tollhurst, Cal.
Mrs. Samuel Untermeyer, N. Y.
Mrs. Richard Wainwright, D>. C.
Mrs. Hettie D. M. Wallis, Tex.
Mrs. Thomas F. Walsh, D. C.
Mrs. Elizabeth Lowe Watson, Cal.
Mrs. John Jay White, D. C.
Mrs. Harvey W. Wiley, D. C.
Dr. Marian Walker Williams, Ariz.
Miss Bird Wilson, Nev.
Mrs. S. TW v[ Vounu. Mont.
uV'rgaittinal Iln-on for Uhxmun *urgr
Colors-Purple, White and Gold
Nationat iExentflr TanJltaittet
Miss Alice Paul, N. J., Chairman       Mrs. Donald R. Hooker, Md.
Miss Lucy Burns, N. Y., Vice-Chairman  Mirs. William Kent, Cal.
Mrs. 0. H. P. Belmont, N. Y.           Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Pa.
Mrs. John Winters Brannan, N. Y.       Miss Anne Martin, Nev.
Mrs. Gilson Gardner, D. C.
Middle Atlantic States                 Inland Suffrage States
Mrs. Henry Bruere, N. Y.               Mrs. E. M. Garnett, Utah
North Middle Western States            Pacific Coast States
Mrs. A. R. Colvin, Minn.               Miss Frances Joliffe, Cal.
Ngatta~ttatl (9janutittter of _1tate (4alruten
Mrs. W. D. Ascough, Conn.
Mrs. Otis Floyd Samsop, Wash.
Mrs. Edith Barriger, Mo.
Miss Eleanor Barker, Ind.
Mrs. 0. H. P. Belmont, N. Y.
Mrs. Nelson Whittemore, Mich.
Mrs. Dan Casement, Kans.
Mrs. Margaret Zane Cherdron, Utah
Mrs. A. R. Colvin, Minn.
Mrs. J. Borden Estee, Vt.
Mrs. Bertha W. Fowler, Col.
Mrs. John Gibbs, S. C.
Miss Emily Stearns, D. 0.
Mrs. C. S. Haire, Mont.
Mrs. Florence Bayard Hilles, Del.
Mrs. J. A. H. Hopkins, N. J.
Miss Ada James, Wis.
Mrs. Edward M. Jarrett, Ark.
Miss Gail Laughlin, Cal.
Mrs. Harry Lowenburg, Pa.
Dr. Florence Manion, Ore.
-Mhrs. M. F. Bonnifield
Mrs. Cyrus Mead, Ohio
Mrs. Sophie G. Meredith, Va.
Mrs. Agnes H. Morey, Mass.
Mrs. Robert Morton, Wyo.
Mrs. Elizabeth Darrow O'Neil, N. Dak.
Mrs. Joshua Raynolds, New Mexico
Mrs. W. H. Sawtelle, Ariz.
Mrs. Townsend Scott, Md.
Mrs. Bertram Sippy, Ill.
Mrs. Frederick Walker, Idaho.
Mrs. Hugh L. White, Tenn.
Mrs. Robert Treat Whitehouse, Me.
Mrs. Clara Snell Wolfe, Tex.
January 19, 1917.
Chairman, Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Pa.
Chairman, Miss Anne Martin, Nev.
Chairman, Miss Emily Stearns, D. C.
National Headquarters, Committee
of 200 for Maintenance of
Chairman, Mrs. William Kent, Cal.
Chairman, Miss Doris Stevens, Nebr.
Chairman, Miss Hazel MacKaye,
Chairman, Mrs. Robert Baker, D. C.
Chairman, Mrs. Helena Hill Weed,
Miss Joy L. Webster, Nebr.
Assistant Treasurer
Miss Gertrude L. Crocker, Ill.
Executive Secretary
Miss Virginia Arnold, N. C.
Eastern States
Miss Margaret Whittemore, Mich.
Central States
Miss Elsie Hill, Conn.
Western States
Miss Mabel Vernon, Del.
Southern States
Mrs. E. St. Clair Thompson, N. C.
Miss Ada James,
Richland Center,
Dear IMiss James:
We will be grateful if you will send us
frequent reports, weekly, if possible, of the contrib-
utions made to your local treasury which are spent by
your branch and not forwarded to the national heads
quarters.  We would like the names and addresses of all
contributors with the amount which is given. This will
enable us to publish in The Suffragist a financial report
from your branch.
You have probably noticed that we publish
in The Suffragist, in addition to the report of our national
treasurer, a report from our Massachusetts, New York and
New Jersey branches. These branches do not send us the
money which they collect and spend locally, but simply a
list of the contributors. We would like to have this
same arrangement with the other branches.  I think it will
be helpful if yoie will send us such a report from your
state as when donations are acknowledged in The Suffragist
we find that people seem to be more interested in subsorib-
ing to the funds. Moreover a large total each week must
necessarily have an effect upon Congress since it shows
that the movement has financial strength.
iReports should be sent to the Treasurer of
the Congressional Union, 21 Madison Place, Lafayette Squares
Washington, D. Co
Hoping that we may have your co-operation in
this matter, I am,
Very sinceriy Hours,
Nattottat Otpurtmits

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