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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter to Dr. Clara M. Davis: Richland Center, Wis., Dec. 8, 1912] PDF (247.6 KB)

OFFICERS                                                  VICE-PRESIDENTS:
President-Miss Ada L. James                                     Mrs. Henrietta
C. Lyman
Richland Center                                                 Madison
Secretary-Miss Sarah S. James Cbe Political Eduality IDOaW Of   Ms Oshosehi
Oshkosh                                                    Mrs. Geo. W. Peckham
Treasurer-Myrtle Baer  SUFFRAGE HEADQUARTERS                       Milwaukee
Milwaukee                                                   Mrs. Frank Thanhouser
Auditor-Mrs. Ben Hooper    1016 WELLS BUILDING                    Milwaukee
Mrs. B. C. Gudden
Oshkosh                   MILWAUKEE. WIS.                    Oshkosh
TEL. MAIN 1297
RICHLAND CENTER, WIS.,             191
Dec 8
Dr. Clara *.avis,
Tussing Building,
Lands ing, 't i ch.
W i s .  l a s  t  y e rI                                      r   . .
ia.lsjj"r i e iutrae rk drirng thl 3chol "r¢a r, at
the  cl .,  e  scrj  s3  c:ie  t.  i 7/:e  n    e    '.ri  ,t}b  n  . Iut
owing te i<;r p'ysic l c~ndtti n  s nlJ. able to work abnut three weeks
I think.
I think lis 1        v!v~ h~ oly . ne rltir relati~ve a sister wi th wh
sIM  i s  a f Ii ý. t cd . _he ýld   s  "  t  zo   ®r
 t hr e  f r ie nd s  b u t V  c a n n ot  fe c a l
their*                  .                c .ne kn~wn to rn,  e eemed
se frai~l, ... heiles  d ine    .  .  tried t do all wc c#suld f®
i n s i e t   :i   ~ t   .  i  .   , l l.i ,  i  . . .     i n , .I. :s 
 . . .. . . t±i    d  y s e l f   a. r   T h e
best frinid 1~3 $O   "
- ; t        *rV  i::  vi.i e wm she is able Lo leave the
:iiver Fines Sanatviuw   I " nd  ' tv ;,        tl  -   rh
. ... .... t......   , tell  1,ý  -,hether  hir
Ann Arbor treattent ,1 . ; ,... ,.i h. ie    r t hey ýrn   rce her
1 a' afr'.idz~ I have not rn  red 5our otestio~ns ?etey oLtiu-
factori ily5, bu " it is the bfFt T can dv ,  think r:Is  /anen -r
Benedict will remember the norm n  f th,,   >nds ohe spoLe of
ýýincerely yours

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