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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

Decatur,   pp. [216]-228 PDF (2.4 MB)

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History of Green County. 
,about four hundred inhabitants. All the business and 
al1 the best houses immediately went over to Brodhead. 
'The next year, the bridge, where the first bridge in the 
-county was built, was taken down, and moved farther 
south to shorten the road to the all-swallowing town. 
The mills followed, and Decatur was literally a de- 
serted village. There are now fifteen houses standing 
there, but several of them are unoccupied, and "the 
,sounds of population fail." 
The original owners of the town of Brodhead were 
E. D. Clinton, I. F. Mack, John P. Dixon, E. A. West, 
E. H. Brodhead, and J. L. B. Thomas. As laid out by 
them in the spring of 1856, the town was a mile square; 
but the only house there was a log house owned by 
Samuel Lampson.    The place was named for Mr. 
Brodhead, and he promised to give a bell to the first 
church built there. Clinton would have been an ap- 
propriate name for the village; but Clinton Junction 
had been named for Deacon Clinton, Kilbourn City had 
been named for another railroad man, and it seemed 
right that Mr. Brodhead should have his turn in honor 
of this kind. Citizens of Waukesha, Deacon Clinton's 
former home, were the first from out of the county to 
ally themselves with the new town. The next comers 
were Vermonters,'led by Messrs. Moore, Laird, and 
McLaren. There was the usual question as to which 
-way the village should grow. At first business seemed 
likely to keep south of the railroad, and Messrs. Clin- 
ton and Dixon had each a natural desire to lead it into 
the street bearing his own name. But Martin Mitchell 
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