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Gleanings of '24

[Literary],   pp. 69-[73]

Page 70

ie Goes the Way or All Prolessors. 
It was oni a Tuesday night. that the n oit iS IPlier ctu)i held its usual
mneeting which chanced to he at the homie of arth Volk. The club had 
retreated to the kitcheji in search of, refreshments. Mrs. Volk was no[ 
ot home that evening. 
The general topic for discu ssiol was the Physics EXalli. The hoys 
had also kept in mind that no one had their Physics expeni meitsI oini- 
pleted. Reports ou the experielnts were (hie l'or the f'uoxlowing imo irn-
ilig's class. This was ii iillortalit fact for they were to coli its a third
credit for the fiial exam. 
"Say,"' Curtis Tracy exclaimiled f'ronil his perch on the kitchen
binemt, "I got an idea, boys." 
'Well fire away.," exclained Altoit Fisher, -It may prov( our salv;,-
Curtis bit fiercely into the sandwich lie held ini one hand, and eli- 
deavored to lut tlie reiaininlg halt of a tdill pickle iito his mouth also.
Thus his halilds and arms were t'ree for gesthres which lie coild iiot talk
without. Curtis had been a grieat orator in his Freshmian days. 
"'Xell, you see," he began, swallowing the last nl sel of bI eadI
"'Sinc" Mrs. Boardmian's gone to Florida the Prof. is hatching
it alone. 
lie barely gets to school ini time t'or the hell. Say it oiie of' you tellov
could get in the house andti set the clock iack all houi' o1' so, the Prof.
would be late for Physic class or perhals miss it enItirely. then we would
have until Thursday norning to get in those liame experiients. 
"Good," cried the boys inI a geiei'al chorus. "'Three cheeirs
for old 
"But who's going to do the nasty work?" inquired Alger LeFave.
"Let's draw for it," suggested Gartlh. 
The boys heartily agreed to this plan. Soon, a cap(, containhig slip) 
of white paper, was passed around. The 'atal slip had a iack cross 
upl)oni it. One by one the boys drew and each breathe(l a sigh of relief'
at the blank paper. Suddenly Curtis burst iito a wail of desair. lie 
had (Idrawn the unluacky piece of' paper. 
W~ell, it's up to you,'' the boys declared. "You  ettelr heat it right
away while the Professors at the meeting.' 
A few mi tiutes later Curtis set out., equi)pe(d with a fllsh lighl, for
the Prof'essol"s home. A dozen masculine voices called good luck to
bihn as he hurried down the dark alley. 
Curtis reached the house jlust as the Professor closed the door. IIh, 
lhei saw the mali place something under the mat. Hfe knew it must 
be the key. The Prof. had hardly disappeared around the str'eet corne', 
when Curtis slippedI up to the front door and with but little trouble 
found the key. 
A few seconds later he was playing his tl'msh light about the liv- 
ing room. Finally he rested it upon a shelf in the Corner. Yes, there 
was a clock. Wili a satisfied grunt he reached for it and set it back 
an hour. 
"Poor ol(1 Prof," he murmured, "You'll have an extra hour
of svwx 4 
"I am weary of you." 

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