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Gleanings of '24

Activities,   pp. 43-67

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Lena 5   Oconto Falls 1i 
Friday, December 7, marked tile opening of our basketball season. 
when the Lena H. S. boys came here to battle with the local squad. At 
the end of the first half the Lena team was leading 3 to 2. In the last 
half some excellent leam work gave us the lead which we held until the 
final whistle blew. 
Coleman 7    Oconto Falls 16 
A week later l)eceinber 14, the Coleman squad came to the Jeffet- 
son school Gymnasium and offered opposition to our boys in the form 
of a basketball game. The half elided with the Falls leading 4 to 3. 
The latter half of ihe game was featured with long shots from the cell- 
ter of the floor; excellent team work and few fowls oil either side. 
Gillett 9  Oconto Falls 26 
Tell days later, the 25th of January, the fast Gillett quintet came 
here to indulge in tnother athletic contest, namely a Basketball gannw. 
Gillett lead oi' with a basket within 2 minutes after the game started 
then they scored a free throw followed immediately by two points for 
Oconto Falls. Then Gillett scored another basket and so did our boys. 
During most of the first half Gillett was in the lead, but the Orange and
Black came back in the last half like a cyclone after a whirling wind 
and had our boys eonsiderably on the defensive, during the first part of
the game, but the conditions were reversed at the finish. 
Pulaski 3   Oconto Falls 7 
To say that our team developed rapidly during the last week would 
not be expressing it fully. Pulaski came down with a husky squad a,! 
determined to win. OconIto Falls. lead oft with a basket; thei lulaM, 
scored a free throw and so did the Falls. This ended the first half. 
Another basket and two free throws by our boys gave us the final score 
while Pulaski rolled in another basket. The gime was )robably the 
fiercest and most closely contested athletic match ever staged in the 
local Gymnasium. 
Shawano 10    Oconto Falls 3 
The West Winds brought the Shawano Basketeers here Friday, 
February 8, with the determination to win. Their hopes were sinking 
like the mercury on a cold day during the first few minutes of play, and
were nearly quenched when our boys tossed in the first hasket. The 
weather soon rose to normal when the Shawano boys scored two 
Thus the tempest raged during the first, second and third quarters. 
During the final quarter the invaders scored three more baskets due 
mainly to their stature, for our boys outlllayed Shawano at almost every
angle of the game. and this game was considered by all a glorious 
"He who is honest, is noble." 

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