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Gleanings of '24

[Superintendent's message],   pp. 4-5

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lE;duealiol pays in every way. The difference between the Indians 
Iliilid here ill 1492. aid the men and wvorr-n who have made this a greal
(tryIlllll'v is edl(feiatioll. Get etour education e.rly; go through the
ai'yv scitool, the hi lr school and college if voi possilyl can see your
way (lear to do so. 
Think about what you want to do in life. I)o not hesitate to start 
it the hottloin or ie business or. the profession you enter upon, and 
I earn it thoroughly. ilo your school work thoroughly. It has beert proven
1ihat your standing in shdies, in character, in athletics, and in behavior
is a fair forecast or your sliccess in yolur life work. 
First safeguard your health by establishing good habits. Participate 
ill all feOrils of, school activities arid learn to do teamwork. Learn to
work, and work bard in some useful occupation. If you are busily 
0engaged with ineiital and physical inprovement through useful work 
or play, yoll wol'ni have to worry about keeping clean in nind and 
body. lard work is the key to success. 
Don't depend Iupori otihers-depend upon your own efforts. Don't 
liiderestiiiate yov ability. You have no idea what possibilities are 
locked lip in your mailtd. Vork and persistence will uNlock the mind 
and body and perirt you to succeed to a degree that will astonish you 
is you adv iice. 
Remiember, eve ry one is interested in youth. Keep up your courage. 
iEverylie is wat( hirig you, examining you. educating you-vour parents, 
your teacher's. your iieighbors, and friertds,--your school mates. Every
hour counts for something.  Never think failure. Always think 
sI(;,ESS. WORK. 
"You must teach me." 

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