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Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association / First yearbook, 1938

Murray, V. M.
Our engineering department,   pp. 25-30 PDF (1.7 MB)

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the first project. Therefore, on July 16, 1936, bids were opened for
WISCONSIN 35 RICHLAND calling for the construction of 239 miles of line
complete with substation. The results of this first bid opening were satis-
factory, although a few minor changes in future plans and specifications
seemed desirable. During the next four months, some changes were made
and bids were opened on WISCONSIN 31 COLUMBIA (232 miles), WISCONSIN
16 DOUGLAS (99.05 miles), WISCONSIN 38 ROCK (417.7 miles), and on
November 4 on WISCONSIN 25 MONROE (81.1 miles).
    At this stage a halt was made until it could be determined, in the light
of the experience gained on these five projects already bid in and under
construction, just how the department would proceed with the heavy
schedule of construction lying before it in the year 1937. Two decisions
were made: (1) Detailed standards of construction and procedure would
be prepared, distributed to all employees, and rigidly enforced throughout
the coming year. (2) The coming year's program must be so focused
that the completion of the projects would occur in the months of October
to December (because it would be easier to. load the lines at this time
of year). Accordingly, after lengthy consultation with the REA, state
telephone companies, and code enforcing bodies, our "General Instructions
-All Employees", a fifty-eight page booklet, was prepared and dis-
tributed to all interested parties. The department was then thought to be
ready for construction at the rate of approximately $4,000,000 per year.
    It is not proposed to discuss in detail the activities of the engineering
department during the ensuing calendar year 1937. A sufficiently clear
picture can be obtained from the following very much abbreviated "log":
    FEBRUARY 15, 1937-Bids opened No. 27 Buffalo-263.5 miles. (Con-
tractor-Fritz Ziebarth, Long Beach, California, $223,447.22).
    MIARCH 18, 1937-Bids opened No. 37 Trempealeau-410.7 miles.
(Contractor-Snyder & Johnson, Inc., Humboldt, Iowa, $394,954.60).
    MAY 3, 1937-Bids opened No. 40 Barron-191.0 miles. (Contractor-
Commonwealth Electric Company, St. Paul. Minnesota, $175,000.00)
    MAY 20, 1937-No. 35 Richland completed.
    MAY 24, 1937-Bids opened No. 14 Oconto-298.0 miles (Contractor,
L. G. Arnold, Inc., Eau Claire, Wisconsin, $260,425.80).
    MAY 29, 1937-Bids opened No. 41 Vernon-519.65 miles. (Con-
tractor-C. A. Hooper Company, Madison, Wisconsin, $501,809.25)
    JUNE 6, 1937-No. 16 Douglas completed.
    JUNE 21, 1937-Bids opened No. 21 Taylor-218.65 miles. (Contract-
cr-L. G. Arnold, Inc., Eau Claire, Wisconsin, $187,312.35)
    JULY 15, 1937--Bids opened No. 29A Clark-690.0 miles. (Contractor
--Ulen Contracting Corporation, Lebanon, Indiana, $578,915.75)
    JULY 23, 1937-Bids opened No. 35B Richland-134.0 miles. (Con-
tractor-Arit-Killoren Electric Co., Appleton, Wisconsin, $120,000.00)
    JULY 26, 1937-Bids opened No. 32 Pierce-318.7 miles. (Contractor
--L. G. Arnold, Inc., Eau Claire, Wisconsin, $272,586.75)
    AUGUST 4. 1937-Bids opened No. 45G1 Chippewa-71.25 miles.
 (Contractor-Acme Construction Co. and Martin Wunderlich Co., St.
 Paul, Minnesota, $109,848.60)
    AUGUST 27, 1937-No. 25 Monroe completed.
    SEPTEMBER 21. 1937-Bids opened No. 45G2 Chippewa-102.0 miles.
lContractor-Allied Contracting Company, Eau Claire, Wis., $135,637.90)
    SEPTEMBER 23, 1937-No. 31 Columbia completed.
    OCTOBER 2, 1937-Bids opened No. 8009 LaCrosse-53.0 miles. (Con.

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