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Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association / First yearbook, 1938

Wilson, J. Morgan
General manager's report,   pp. 13-14 PDF (568.4 KB)

Page 14

its business contacts. While perhaps nothing succeeds like success,
STATEWIDE was in need of, and received, every consideration during the
period of its establishment.
    It was soon found that the type of service required was both of a
highly technical and highly skilled nature. The providing of Admin-
istrative, managerial, and engineering services included as part of the
contract between STATEWIDE and its members, proved to mean the supply-
ing of service by executive direction, specialized engineering, expert ac-
counting, experienced stenographers and general supervision.  That
STATEWIDE has successfully met these demands, is now well known within
and out of the State. Since the beginning of 1937, new employees not-
withstanding their past experience have received a specialized training
and are given a trial period before being permitted to assume any respons-
ibility. This procedure has enabled the organization to develop a staff
of over 100 trained specialists, performing, probably for the first time
Wisconsin's history, professional services on a cooperative basis. The
following pertinent-statistics indicate the proportions to which STATEWIDE
business has grown:
   Mileage in construction ............................. 5,111.05
   Allotments for projects in construction ............. $5,764,600.00
   Direct Employment ............................ 114 employees
   Consumer Members .............................         16,084
     The policies followed by STATEWIDE up to this time conform to the
purposes set forth in the Association's Articles of Incorporation. A study
of the purposes disclosed a wide possibility of ramification resting never-
theless, on the definite philosophy of cooperation. A review of the act-
ivities of STATEWIDE up to this time, would properly lead to the conclusion
that the policies being followed were clearly in harmonious accord with
the intent of the purposes.
     Future policies are never easy to forecast but STATEWIDE'S viewpoint
will assuredly be tempered by its record already established in this new
uncharted field for cooperation. Although rural electric cooperatives
have rapidly found a place in Wisconsin the effort required and energy
spent to found them means too much to too many to permit their owners
ever to lose them. It is to be expected that while STATEWIDE continues to
be the spearhead for Wisconsin's rural electric cooperatives, the experience
it is accumulating will constantly influence its ability to provide sound
leadership and guidance.
     Cooperation is as old as yesterday and as new as tomorrow. As
demands grow for rural electrical service needs, so probably will STATE-
WIDE grow, for those of us who have been associated in this work know
that our efforts have been crowned with success through that electrical
spark-Cooperative Contact.
                         J. MORGAN WILSON,
                                      General Manager.

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