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Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association / First yearbook, 1938

Curtin, Gene
Report of board of directors of the Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association,   pp. 7-11 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 8

    The first meeting of the Board of Directors was held that same day
at which the officers of the Association were elected as follows:
                 MR. H. 0. MELBY, President
                 MR. N. C. ANDERSON, Vice-President
                 MR. GRANT S. RicE, Secretary-Treasurer
    On May 19, 1936, a Special Meeting was called for the purpose of
selection of an Executive Committee, consideration of the selection of
personnel, receipt of applications for membership to the Statewide, and
other matters relative to organization.
    The Executive Committee was selected from the Board of Directors
consisting of the following three members:
                      MR. BERT KELSEY
                      MR. LAWRENCE C. COLE
                      MR. OTTO OIMOEN
    This Committee was empowered to carry out the usual and regular
routine matters of the business and select the personnel.
    The application of the Chippewa Power and Light Cooperative was
read to the Board at this meeting and was duly accepted, upon their signing
the proper application and payment of dues.
    The form of engineering contract between the Statewide and the
member cooperatives, which Mr. Orland S. Loomis had perfected with
the Rural Electrification Administration, was adopted by the Executive
Committee at a meeting on July 7th. It was reported that eight (8)
Wisconsin Projects had received allotments, as listed below:
    Richland Cooperative Electric Associat0on .00.......... S250,
    Columbus Rural Electric Cooperative ................ 254,000
    Dane-lowa Electric Cooperative ........ ............ 160,000
    Chippewa Power and Light Association ...... ........ 96,000
    *Rock County Electric Cooperative Association ......... 106,000
    *Trempealeau Electric Cooperative ....... ........... 95,000
    Hartford Municipality ............... .............  31,000
    Head of the Lakes Electric Cooperative Association ..... 100,600
(*These amounts are approximately one-fifth of the anticipated allotment
expected to come through after these particular projects got under way.)
    The Executive Committee was authorized to make contact with these
projects and offer the services of Statewide to perform the engineering and
construction work on a basis of 3%. It was pointed out that private
utilities had justified charges as high as 15% for promotional and engin-
eering overhead.
    In October, 1936, Mr. Grant S. Rice, secretary.Ireasurer, and Mr.
John Ernest Roe, attorney, approved by REA for Wisconsin, made a trip
to Washington to attempt to secure financial assistance from REA for the
Statewide. As the result of their visit, they arranged for requisitions
totaling approximately $10,000 to clear REA for compensation to the
Statewide for engineering services rendered to the member cooperatives.
    A joint meeting of the WISCONSIN RuRALu ELECTRnC COOPERATVE
ASSOCIATION and the Rural Electrification Coordination Committee was
held on November 6, 1936, which was the regular quarterly meeting date
Mr. Loomis informed the group present that the allotted. program would

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