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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. April,1946,   pp. [1]-4 PDF (1.3 MB)

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       Wz G     2W..P k Vl nDXlo xei-aize IL  important it la:
              0 !'RODUCE more farm products and to grocr victory gardens
              TO CO01SERVE by cutting every kind of wnste; save on wheat
                          and fats and oils; use more poultry, eggs,
                          and fresh fruits mid vegetables
              TO PRESERVM home grown food products for home use
         |  ORDER to help farmers meet the labor needs for maximum produaction,
         9we have again requested about 3,200 foreign workers but have been
recently informed that our quota will be only about 2,5OO for this year.
proportion of Jamaica'ns to Mexicnm Nationals will be about the scaie as
year, two-thirds Jamaicans and one-third Mexican Nationals.
        The situation for Prisoners of War has not changed. Our last informa-
tion is that none are available.
        Certifieations for foreign workers arc arriving in considerable numbers.
If you have not yot mado your certification for foreign workers, do so irnie-
diately or it will be too late.  Our orders must be placed well in advance.
certification has not been made at the time this N73TS LEDTT reaches your
office, telephone your order to the state office immediately.
        EPORTS from the sugar beet companies indicate that they/ hope to
          recruit all or novxJrly all :of the Texas ILexicans they need for
work.  Thoy can not be sure of the number Until worl:ers begin to move north,
some time in Mayi
      \A      WANT all counties to hold wage board hearings whether foreign
      W  workers are to be used or not.  We are still waiting for a number
of reports from counties on wage board hearings. Any county which has not
sent in the results, is requested to do so at once. NTo deliveries of foreigni
workers can be made to any county unless wage board hearings have been held-
and going wages established.
        These wage board hearings have had a trer.endous influence on stabĀ±Liz-
ing farm wages. xTamination of reports of board hearings we have received
far indicate that wages will be somewhat higher this yeax than last.
                                      * * *

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