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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. August, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (1.9 MB)

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Page 6.
           Boys and girls in Pock county have made a great contribution
 this summer.  Qlite a number of them have hel.ned wit'. haying, hay baling,
 cutting weeds, harvesting and doing odd Jobs.   More then 250 boys and Girls
 have registered for detasseling corn, and 422 have been placed on farm
           Parm labor problems were numerous. Prison labor could not be
 released from the pea canneries ill time to help with haying and help
 was vory short. The only way the crop could be harvosted was by the
 cooperative work of the farmers.
           Because of the late season the corn crop in Sawyer county may
be very short.  Thero will not be much ripe corn -nd farmers exe trying
grass silage to round out the feed crop.
           A total of 297 foreign workers wore placed in tho county
during; July.  Of these 27 were Jametpans; 105 Mexicans; and 165 German
          Only boys from 9 to 13 have asked for work picking beans or
cherries. 3ean picking began August 13.
                        a2awford A&W&   Dro ShoIt
          Crawford cointyls apple crop, it is estimated, is down to
300,000 bushels this yoar as compared with last yoarts crop of 805,000
bushels. The early crop, the Dutchess, and Woalthy of Crawford will be
big but  the late apples, McIntosh and Delicious in Gcay's Miln -at!
rated a total loss.
          The tomato crop is very good, tho weather so far having boon
especially favorable.
          Even with P90.W. labor in Barren county the peas came so fast
that it was difficult to supply the needed labor.  But by using every
available man every day the harvest was accomplished. During tho month
of July, 26 different farmers used 69 P.0.W.'s a total of 859 hours and
96 selective service 1sharo-labor"t Ion holpod 89 farmers a total of
294 days.

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