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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. August, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (1.9 MB)

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          Six married men, eight single men and one women, all
from the Welfare department were placed on farms with other
families. They are filling year-round jobs.
          'hen 87 Jamaicans had completed the pea harvest in
Brown county, 60 of their number were released to help pick
cherries at Sturgeon Bar.
          Reports four farm couples placed during the month
and 89 men on seasonal jobs.  Twolve P.O.Wa were placed on
one farm end there have been requests for 19 more that could
not bo met.
           The hay and simll gr-in crop looks wonderful  states a report
 from thoso "way up North" counties.  Several farmers :c- using
 balers and they arc working out very well. Farmers hL. v. managed to get
 along this season by trading help end machinery.
           The fruit crop looks very good especially the berries.
YI MJ 1fi4I.
           A number of men laid off in the shipyards in Kewaunee, Manitowoc
and Sturgoon Bay, havo been omployod on fares which helped the labor
shortage to some extent.
           Custom balers end hAy choppers have put away much of the large
hai crop this summer. 3acors still having a lot of hay to bale in the
fields encountered a wire shortago.
          Local cherr'y orchardo are having no trouble selling all of
their fruit to "pick your own" customers.
          Placed 24 P.O.W.ts for four hours shocking oats after the viner
closed on July 31.  Eight wore placed for 10 hours and 19 moro wore
requested for August 1.
          Reports placing five boys in Ozaukee; seven in Dodgeville; two
in Washington; one in St. Croix and one girl in Ladysmith during July.
          Labor in Oneida county has boon more critical than ever before.
There has boon e greater demand for youth from the resorts and the regis-
tration for farm jobs has suffered.
          Boon acreage in this county is up about 50 percent but the crop
is so late, picking will not begin until late August.

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