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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. August, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (1.9 MB)

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                                                   Pago 2.
              Fowor but Lgrror _^w'jms
         P RELMlINARY figures of the 1945 census show the
         P average size farms in the state have increased 7.8
percent since 1940.
          The average size farm in the state is now 132 acres.
In 1940 it was 122.5 acres.
          Other figures show an increase in farm lands from
22,876,294 acres in 1940 to 23,619,525 acres in 1945. During
this samo period the number of farms dropped from 186,735 to
          For the nation as a whole, farms arc 10 percont
                         Incomos Roach igew IEi9h
         I ),ISCCOTSI1T ftqrm incomos have reached a row hi-h of $744,000,000
in 1944.  Thbulations recontly completed by tho WISCOIlSli CROP AID LtIVE
STOCK BEZ20RB R show the following results:
                     The Cross farm income increasod 1.4
          percont over 1943 and 162 percont over 1939.
                     The index of prices received by farmers
          was 206 norcont that of the 1910-1914 average for
          Wisconsin (field vlni truck crops cxcludod) the
          index is 2041.
                   More Inraortmnt Th.-n lfoi3ht or Ago
          NE      ' ORE'S Farm Labor Supcrvisor has found in an investigation
of 1741 c'tr boys who worked on far-.s last yeLar, that the factors of
Selection an.d SuL~rvision woro morc important thn ago, weight and tcrms
in school.
                       Praisos 2=   Larbor Effort
         1IEROUGH tho establishmont of the Farm Labor Office, the couwty
agont has takeon a step in the right direction in urging men, women cnd
chillrcn of sufficient age to register for harvost work, reports the
          The issue thon rests with those irdividuals, -and immediate
enrollment Crnnot be too strongly urged, the editor continues.   Vernon
county is  facing the worst labor shortagc they have ever oxporionced,
a-nd further dolry may ontril loss of crops, ho snys.

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