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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. July, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (2.1 MB)

Page 4

Page 4
Fond du Lee
       From Fond du Lac county Charles J. Searls reports:   "We had
 good training course for farm boys last year which is still bearing
 fruit. The boys were told in a series of lectures just what was expected
 of them, how to handle livestock, something about crops and how farm
 machinery must be used and what may be expected from each piece.
      NEvery boy knew how to drive a tractor before he was sent to the
 farm. Farmers who employed these boys a year ago, were so well
 satisfied they went directly to the school early this spring and asked
 for the same boys."
       A survey was made in Barron county to learn whether rny crop
 land was lying idle this summer because of lack of labor.   Five farms
 were found in the town of Chetok and two in Maple Grove. Through
 the press an effort was made to find farmers who were in a position to
 take on the extra acreage. Demonstrations on fast and effioient
 picking were given to prospective workers by John A. James of the
 College of Agriculture before picking began.
      R. C. Mitby, of Pock county, reports a total of 241 placements
made during June.  Requests came in from 64 farmers.. About 60 boys
and girls were recruited to pick strawberries on the Gerald Hipp
farm near Janesville.
      Ak3:30 on Wednesday afternoon, June 27, a call came for 50 boys
and girls to pick pear on Thursday and Friday, for Herold Peters,
Riverside Gardens, Edgerton. For Friday he needed even more and 75
ware sent down. The crop was taken care pf and the Navy boys in
training at M1adison had some nice fresh peas for their dinner.
      Two dorn growers having a large acreage of hybrid seed corn
will be needing 400 or 500 boys end girls for detasseling and
Mr. Mitby is making plans to supply that help when it will be needed.
0 zaukee
      "We have several problems besides the constant problem of
'Shortage of full-time, able-bodied farm handslUwrites Raymond Nedden,
farm labor assistant.
      One of their problems according to his report is recruiting
enough youth for picking beans and weeding such vegetables as beans,
lima beans, carrots, onions and beets. Another is to supply adequate
help for the grain harvest in July and August.
      In 1943 and 1944 groups of city workers were organized to take
care of emergencies and they are going to try the seme thing this
year. A captain was apointed to head groups who could help out.
Shocking crews of five or six men were organized to shock grain,
pick potatoes or do other necessary work. The captain called the
crews together when emergencies arose and they worked from six until
nine o'clock. Twenty crews worked in seven different communities.

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