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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. June, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (2.1 MB)

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      Some very good letters are coming in from tho counties and we should
 more of them. With the permission of Mollie A. Coo, Farm Labor Assistant,
 county, we are using Mrs. Goo's letter to show what we mean:
           "I received the copy of aNrm Labor News this morning. It
has a
      wealth of information and is Just what I have always wanted -  a
      monthly bulletin from the state office giving state news, figures of
      intorest and suggostions on how other counties have met their parti-
      cular problem.
           "Out county scams to beoright in line with prevailing wages
      in the state, but, if what the farmer tolls us is true, they seem to
      work longor.hours up our way. It may be a lack of sufficient power
      machinery -  or could it be a lack of manpowor?  I think it may be
      both, and I adilt failure whon it comes to supplying manpower requests
      and needs as the crop season approaches. We have a list of 196
      farmers who will.need seasonal and day labor.
           "The high school recruiting program uncovered 215 boys available
     for farm jobs, 51 already on the job. Day labor needs will have to
     cone froa urban adults who can Wedspared'-occasionally from their
     regular'wori; fron tired farmersz too old to put in full time, and our
     old age pensioners   One of our old age pensioners recruited last
     winter to do chore work has stayed and is doing a full tine Job.
          "BiRiht now I am recruiting bean pickers for Stokeley and
     Inderrieden  Cnnng Oonpeny.' This is the easiest type of recruiting
     as chiidren 11, l n12and 13  re o.0 eager in thoir responses. The
     difficulty here is a depondable number, but if only 50 per cent of
     those who have signed up actually work, it will take care of our
                            g~~~ -
     This is just one county.' We know your county has a different set up
your problems are different.  But if we. jiA&..55.such letters, all telling
own poqulizr problems and what the ?arm Labor Asqistant is trying to. do
then . if we had those 55 lettqrp 411 pinned together in a neat little volume
we would havo a historiy of the Farn Labor Activities of this state that
not be excelled by any state.
      E~ ~   ~   A   Ain i  W           . ,l
you write one good lottor-of what is going on in your
county this year and include your comnents on the tINEWSII?

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