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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. June, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (2.1 MB)

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     0Qould women establish job rates for definite tasks
Just as men have done?" asks Mrs. Floyd Duffee, in charge
of Women's Land Army.
     Some tasks, such as darning, patching, ironing, caring
for children, hulling strawberries and making jam are ill
Jobs which can and frequently are done by village women in or
for the farm homr.
     Such jobs-could have standard rates of pay or rates for
work exchange set up by committees of farm-and village women.
Once they have been agreed upon, both farm and village women
could enter into.a businosm-liko agreement ini gtting
osesntial tasks done.
     Gustom rates. d-ould. alsO -b Utulihatmd for- tito loan of a pressure
cmoras, -or for other equipment that could be used byfmoro than one family.
     If any commuznity has establishod such rates, or attempted a business
among women, we should like to hear about them. Other communities are anxious
to try sudh palasi
   'SSomo woaon employed
they applied directly to
been reemPloyed..
by farmers last year got along so well,
growers for their jobs this year and have
     Mrs. .Duffoo continues to get lotters from ctty girls who wish to work
farms during the surmor.  4osat of then want outdoor work, but .a fewhave
willingness to do part tine housework if at.least 50 per cent of the work
is out-
of-doors      .        .    .
     L. G. Sordon of the State office is still getting letters from city
who want to work on farms.  Some want part-time work and others would like
work all summers  If you have use for any of these boys, let us know.
     Occasionally wo also got letters from adults requesting farm jobs. Such
reauests are.forwarded to the counties.wh.o deal with the applicant directlye
IN -499E O         a group of -businee~sin wore nobilized recent~y to clear
t-he wr'ecki-Zge of a barn blown down by the winds Mr. ftye, the farmer who
unable to hire' help was very gratefin to have the work done.
D-    in Sheboyian county has boen completed. More tha 5,000
students were contactod   The tarn Labor Assistant showed the "Victory"
film and
gave the students a "pOp" talk, Boyw and girls   from the fourth
to the tenth
grade were partioularly appealed to because that ago group is moof in demand
bean picking i=4 berry picking.  The acreage in both has increase4 which
require nore students for picking.
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