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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. June, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (2.1 MB)

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Page 3
                              WA   SIAMIS LER DAIRYING
     Twelve Bahamian families and 32 single men, a part of the group of Bahamian
dairy farm workers allotted to Wisconsin, are now at work on farms in eight
Wisconsin counties.
     They have been secured through cooperation with the British Government
partly to help relieve the labor shortage and partly to learn how Wisconsin
farmers manage their herds and their dairy farming,
     They have shown eagerness to make adjustments, but need a lot of training,
farmers who have given them a trials report.
                           POWIS USE LABOR SITUATION
     h->. ... .    Majo-r J. A. Westbrook, in charge of Prisoner of War
 I~ _!        0relations for the Sixth Sorvice Command, made some things
 i fK>      I quite clear about prisoners when he recently visited MMadison,
              l o said.
 /    1 &     1     1.  They are here because we must have their help
A/            |         to plant and harvest crops.
                    2.. They must be kept occupied.  They get Jobs to
                        do and they do them or they do not eat.
         \'~~~3         T)e  are kept under armed guard and returnedto
      3.  They are kept. under armed guard and returned to
*         camps at night.
      4.  They receive modified,.standard, army rations.
      .5.: They arp not coddled but are given just and.
          human treatment.
     More than 135,000 victory gardens         ram folks in this county have
have been planted in the county this     . shown how to cooperate in civilian
year. That is 12,0OO more than we had     services in a big way.  They do
it by
last year.  City and county officials     moans of service committees set
up in
cooperated in providing public owned      1942.
lands for garden purposes.
                                               There are war service committees
                                          in oach township and school district,
                                          and they have assisted with labor,
                                          food production, nutrition, garden
                                          home economics and other war programs.

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