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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. June, 1945,   pp. [1]-6 PDF (2.1 MB)

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     oureign workers and Prisoners of War are going to
furnish seasonal labor for about 45 counties during 1945.
     They will be distributed among more than 150 growers
before the season is over and hundreds more will be sub-
contracting them for short periods of time.
     With the aid of foreign workers and the German
prisoners, the prospects for getting the seasonal crops
cultivated, harvested, and processed are very good.
     Except in a few cases, employers will not be able to got the same workers
they had last yoar. This will be' impossible because of the large number
of men
that must be handled during the year, and because they are distributed among
several states.  A few who have worked in industry during the winter are
returning to their former employers.
     What may be expected from these foreign workers can be estimated from
yoarts performance.  Thaso amen worked long hours with doily averrgos about
                         C-aning  ronrs..... 12 hours
                         Truck Crops......  10 hours
                         Picklos...,........  8% hours
                         0hoh.ies.......... l  hours
     Foreign workers earned a6but one and one-half million dollars in 'Tisconsin
durin- 1944. Average earnings iu canhiing crops, truck crops, and cherries
from $5.00 to $6.00 per day.   In eah4 oq thqspe three major jobs, they averaged
between 55 and 57 cents per hour.
     3y shifting them from one crop to another a bh.igh percentage of their
was utilized by contractors.  Very little tia. was lost due to illness or
factors.  In per cent utilization-thtl rate& a6b6ut as follows:
-  orop        % Utilization   Daily Zarhings
Canning Crops         89 %          $6.54
Truck Crops           86 %           5.48
Pickles               89 %           3.72
Chorries             .91 %           5.58
4pnles                86 %           6.26

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