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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. May 1, 1945,   pp. [1]-5 PDF (1.8 MB)

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                         "LISEN1 TII" 0r'VIESE BB0ADCASTS
       tIondly, vApril ,30, Wisconsin Women at Work....*w...a.,..,.Edith
       Thursday, Hay 3, Garden Work Schedules for Summer........Anita Mason
       1tonday, l.ay 14i Neighbors in the Womnln's Land Army ...... OMrs.
Floyd Duffee
       Thursday, Mcy 24., Children and Farm Work ...........Irs,       Grace
       This is a dnily homemalcers program heard over the state stations
W7A mnd
WLBL each wook-day mQrning at 10:00 o'clock.
       ,iay 1, Maya 15, and May 29, and June 12 and 26 are dates on which
there will
be Farm T~abor rnro.rrnms over WIdA nxid WiLBL at 12:30 at noon on the regular
                                 FR014 TW7Z COUNTIES
      r7CE more in 1945 county anents are helping frners round up all availhble
      Ofar-, m:lchinery to -,et crops in.
      J. F. T;omts, Wanuiknosl, sent cards to cnch school district ruid to
roecived r-plies from 64 owners of combines w'-o rre willing to do custom
       In the past two yo-rs Mil-a uloe county has hold auction sales of
farm machinory but this yo-r dlot'lers are picking up the 1isp-,os",
repairinrg them,
and Pettinx thiem roady for sale,
       At a fa)lr .xi Ycinory auctior lst ye r at janitowroc, $7,000 worth
of used
machinery vras sold.  Tho snle includcd about 800 pieces contributeo4,.y
farmers who
had no usc for it and. wliich w,!rc bought by farmcrs who neoded it.
      TPOUGH cooperation with the vrelf'ro dnepnrtmont 12 men (old age pensioners)
      Tnmstl- rctir-d frrners were recruitod arnd contacted to :aect emergencr
calls on f.-irms whlrc essential dci┬▒'erred men were called for physical
B1rror. county r-orts a9 high school recruitin,7 progrmn started early with
held in ei-ht hi--h schools on March 12 <nd 19.
      (0i2OP3 suggested we toll son rn.'i- about the f r'r  labor staff 'and
      J "Farr, Lr bor Ilews. i  Soooo-nnay we introduce: :
             1Arlir M'ccks, Stnte Supervisor' off arr, Lebor;
                L     G. Sorden, in charge of Foreitn Lrbor;
     '(A       Goorgc B3aueistar, ir. charrge of P.0,.W.;
              * John A. James, in chargc of Vietcry Farrl voluntcors;
                f  Erven Long, Statistician, Colleoa of Agriclturc;
        0)     Fxtension oditors, 118 At riculturial Halli
                Ii:rs. FL3 -d Duffoc), in chrr,-c rf srolcn s Lrnd.;
                i ::iss 7dith Mn;-I;,h--., "ssistinj. witl TVictory
F-r2 Voluntcers.
    jH,, J.**

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