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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: J],   pp. 79-81 PDF (886.0 KB)

Page 80

                  P f. W[A I   CLLECTS ACCOUNTS AND DOES A' 
                               GENERAL LAW BUSINESS and SELLS 
                                      REAL ESTATE    . 
                               %WATE RTOW N, W ISCON SI N 
      JAB         WATERTOWN] 80 [DIRECTORY.            JAN 
~ Jaedecke & Grams (Otto Jaedecke, Theodore A Grams) general 
        mdse 905 Main 
,    Jaeger Albert farmer res 903 Berlin av 
     Jaeger Annie elk res 821 Cady 
~IJaeger Alexander T elk 115 Main res 401 7th 
C    Jaeger Arthur student 808 Cadv 
SJaeger Arthur E elk P O res 401 7th 
Jaeger August head miller res 40i 7th 
J Jaeger August lab res 821 Cady 
     Jaeger Emma (wid William H) res 108Y 3d 
_    Jaeger Emma dressmkr res 808 Cady 
 Jaeger Ernest pressman res 821 Cady 
     JAEGER FRANK C prop Watertown Novelty Works and 
        carpenter contractor 612 Western av res same 
   f Jaeger Fredericka (wid Ferdinand) res 506 Division 
   9 Jaeger Helen teacher res 808 Cady 
     Jaeger Henry W teacher res 910 Cleveland 
    JAEGER JOHN A agt United States Express Co res 804 5th 
   P Jaeger Katie L elk 200 W Main res 808 Cady 
,    Jaeger Louis mach res 1012 Main 
   U Jaeger Louise teacher res 808 Cady 
   I Jaeger Meta Miss res 903 Berlin av 
   W JAEGER ROBERT E furniture and undertaking 200 W 
a--     Main res 808 Cady                                   ___ 
   . Jaehrling Augusta (wid Leonard) res 404 N 8th 
m Jaehrling Laura Miss res 404 N 8th 
    Taehrling Leonard barber res 917 Main 
     jaekel Frederick J plater res 709 6th 
     Jahnke August F v-pres Jahnke Creamery Co res 913 3d     0 
V2 J ahnke Creamery Co L F Jahnke pres; A FJahnke v-pres; L J (D 
        Kohlhoff rec-treas; 101 Western av 
jahnke Louis F pres Jahnke Creamery Co res 712 2nd 
___ Jake Charles res 414 N 8th 
I    Jake Clara Miss res 414 N 8th 
2    Jake Elmer lab res 414 N 8th                          oW 
    . jakubowski Eva (wid Frank) res 1 n 722 Lafayette        C, 
    Janele Alois butcher res 501 Main 
    Janisch Johanna (wid John) res 1210 N 2nd 
    Janke Charles lab res 614 W Cady 
LW   Janke Louis lab res 614 W Cady 
     Jannke Augusta (wid August) res 1120 W Division            0 
5...Jannsen Frederick lab res 1537 N 2nd 
     Jansen Edward barkpr res 910 Cleveland 
                            LAW    E   S   IPobae Estates 
               Rl           AND PROSECUTE AND DEFEND SUITS IN ALL 
                            -,COURTS -F THE STATE 
                            WATERTOWN, " - - WISCONSIN 

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