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British Temperance Emigration Society and Saving Fund / The emigrant's instructer on Wisconsin and the western states of America

Gorst, R.
Introduction,   pp. [3]-6 PDF (901.9 KB)

Page 4

 EsBre hie-.muigrnt -~  e on te le-el th Gom.X5      heet
 tobefound, _  4t tobe      thel   tolie   _ad  (whi   MM.
 be O or 00 miles fr              Telandd)         ismus       Us
 andthe land purcheOp A hos baa tobe bub-mafterlal to b1i i$
 of to be saought f   nfead fm n no sail es    i        t
the ladha theo be fned, dpioughe*fwdt ah         ypich da
by fto. four to eightMeM on the first time at i nfs beikemi mup
plough and ozen may not be at had, either for hire or; ds, whu'  -
wanted: .thie would cause a delay of time and glest ezpen   and-i mth
    sfq suui'_have lot ffie fine i-. *
way many emsigranta  aelttefs      umrss~~hu reaping a
havestftomtheireownland, a td r                  oil t    the whele of
their epital. If the e-migrant goes oer hii the q.prngethe yearhe
will be too late to haves crop on the AIMt a.of fhia aruvat eze0
e ha    ade prviou srngemenL     It iherewe thfiez  belef ot the
committee that the privileges afforded to the .meber of the DuiA.
Temperance Emigration SO£itj1-c0oeM    d 1ith dheir id0 share f.
eighty seaof land,   huse tolhve in,   sAl     I good a  or h-
besides the privilege of having Ane sm of fn  s     with whea-.
will afford moe rea comfort and better pwj*   than what could be
secured to him in an Other way fr double the mesy, a aU the .lw-
named difloulties and obstacles will be removed by the  _angements
of the sciety. The emigrant will not oly have * lha st of vhss~,
but of Indian cor4 potatoes, bean, he. m the _rst carer e@fhis or-
* rffl out, and thisafr a small payment of l. per week-for te yenr.
  The Sooietre land -i in a helth. ituaflea, with a fne  _   f c
pu  wate running tluough the midst af it, and a aufelent quaetit
.god timber, free stone, and lime -ftome or bhilding pr  oss  The
pririe soil ie rich and fertils. Itr leation isnnwr doe miner distriets,
ahout 11 miles wat of Milwaukee: ana. when Wseemai and Fox
ver. are united together, which ii likly _en oe theie the _ set
t*lerwifnot onlyhavea godhomemsarke riighemit      n  user
the minersl and pinary diabicte, but wi  liewise have e. eastern.
market, by water frmm the settlement through si telake.; ml t ine
enjoys the privilege of a western merkat downsthe Wisconsin ad
Missisippi Rivers.
  A most eligible site of land i. likewise 1etedd for a Town.
  Emugration is a most serious end important dtp, and mougt to bo

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