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Redington, Edward S. / Papers, 1862-1867
Wis Mss EQ, Folder 2 ([unpublished])

[Transcribed letter from Edward Redington to his wife, Mary: Helena, Arkansas, February 13, 1863],   pp. 35-38

Page 35

Helena, Ark., Feb. 13, 1863.
Dear Mary:
It is with feelings of great depression that I sit down to
address you. Lt. Mead died this morning after a sickness of ten
days with the typhoid fever, and I feel that it has made a great
blank in my company that will be impossible to fill; he was my
mainstay, on whom I always could depend, one always ready to
do his whole duty, one who I have counseled and advised with on
all things appertaining to Company affairs, and more than all,
a good true friend. Poor boy, he suffered hard and we made him
as comfortable as it was possible to make one away from home
and friends. He had the best medical attention and the best
nursing our company could give, but it was all of no avail. I
have never thought he could stand the hardships of a soldier's
life since his sickness last winter he has never been free from
a cough and never seemed to feel as he did before, but was one
who would not give up as long as he could stand and perhaps has
done duty when he was not really able to. I have been to town
to get a metallic coffin to send him home in, and make arrange-
ments for transportation: I find there is no express running
that will take the body and am trying to get an order to send
a man with him, and hope to succeed, if I cannot I am afraid
that we cannot send him home. I have got to write a letter to
his father; it seems an awful task; how desolate their home will
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