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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / The University of Wisconsin directory of the short course in agriculture, 1886-1927

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  The Short Course Directory is the result of the efforts of the College
Agriculture and the University Alumni Recorders. Each of the 7,500 stu-
dents was sent a letter at the last known address. The lists of those not
responding were revised by the members of the faculty of the College of
Agriculture who met many former students while away on their extension
duties. Other letters were sent in an effort to find the present address
all former Short Course students.
  The Directory is composed of two parts. The first is an alphabetical
list of former students who responded to one of the letters and the ad-
dress is as it was received by post card or letter from the former student.
A symbol indicates whether the former student was graduated and, if
not, the year of attendance. There are approximately 3,900 correct ad-
dresses in this section of the directory.
  Part II is a complete list of the students by years. Under each year group
are listed the graduates of that year and those students who did not
graduate at any time but who were in attendance for the last time during
that year. No attempt is made in this part to list all the students who
attended during any particular year. Each year of this section is divided
into two sections, the first giving the names of the persons of the year
whose address may be found in Part I where correct addresses are given.
The last part of each year list gives the names of persons with their last
known address. In many cases the address is probably correct but a re-
turn was not received verifying it.
  Persons whose names appear in Part I will receive notices of univer-
sity functions such as commencement exercises and athletic events on the
same basis as former students and graduates of collegiate courses granting
degrees. They will also receive a copy of this directory. If your name
appears in Part II with address we shall be glad to have you make cor-
rection or verify your address and upon receipt of this information we
shall be glad to forward a directory to you.
  In compiling the data we appreciate the fact that many mistakes and
omissions may occur. We shall appreciate corrections. WritheJ. A. James,
College of Agriculture, Madison, Wisconsin.

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