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Clarke, Graydon (ed.) / The crimson


lhr Crimson
Clara's the girl who wont hurry,
She's not one who cares much for worry,
She always is late, "Oh let them wait,
When told that she simply must hurry.
Sylvester our orator so fine
And we agree he has a very good line,
He knows how to bluff, but that is the stuff,
If you can do it and still keep in line.
Hylda, our little war bride,
Up to the piano doth glide,
And the war songs she plays day after day
Will make you feel gay-fairly make your feet sway.
John is the "Boy from Missouri."
or his favorite expression is "show me,"
His commercial work's down, but this boy never frowns.
But with a smile simply answers, "Why worry?*"
Gerhard was born a business man to be
And up the ladder of fame he's fast going we see-
And along by his side Beatrice does stride.
His steps are quite long-but she'd rather not ride.
Mr. Dupee does Physics teach,
And we all agree he's a PEACH,
Tho' he scholds and he frets, we ne'er mind his vain threats,
For he's jolly still you just can bet.
Miss Stafford also is there,
And she's quite just and quite fair,
And each surely likes her, unless he's a piker,
And there are very few there.
The most handsome man we all agree,
Is Mr. Lameraux whom you may see.
The manual training room is his lair,
And at pounding nails he sure is there.
The Junior class now takes our place,
And we're sure they are fitted for the race,
To excel in oratory and debate,
If you don't believe me-just you wait.
The Sophomores in declamation too,
Have also great prospects in view,
They really are a jolly bunch,
And are seen all over the building at once.
Mr. Holt for debating is strong,
Ever ready to help things along,
With him in the lead, to meet every need,
Dear old E. H. S. will never go wrong.
Miss Connors is ready for work,
She hasn't any time  or the shirk.
She's just and she's fair, and with marks she is there,
But the idler with her cannot lurk.
Another instructor, Miss Larson,
To have for History is pays,
But one must work well, and begin with the bell,
And work hard throughout all the days-
'Tis good things she gives us to eat-
E'en mother her cooking can't beat.
In dressmaking does she excel-
As all of her pupils can tellt-does Miss Hoen.
Miss Whitney from Iowa came,
The city Mount Pleasant, by name.
She is pleasant, and e'er ready to laugh,
In our school she teaches Spanish and Math.
The Freshmen too will be,
As great some day as we,
They may think 'twill never come,
But yes it will, with all your fun.
Though we now are leaving you,
We'll return some day again,
To E. H. S. we'll e'er be true,
And to each of you a friend.

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