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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Macklin, Theodore
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 32: winning success for farm products through advertising PDF (1.2 MB)

EisU~ sid -which
otter products must be produce for uthis ioeA attr0fjiv4*el~
rdized in quality and pack .=_'P
ths better standardized prodiuct must be namd  att lt~y acdd
:advertised. This means that it must be made known to enough. c6nstrig -to
.win "two satisfied buyers where only one disgusted purchaser oisted
    'Fifth, the full and hearty backing and cooperation of the -1ecessary
tributing trade, such as brokers, wholesalers, and retailers, must be won
    Sixth, constant distribution of this better product must be so timed
placed as to let every consumer that desires to buy be able to obtain the
when wanted.
    Seventh, the farmer who makes the better product must receive the better
price. In other words, each farmer must be enabled to get what his product
sells for to the consumer, less only actual merchandising costs.
                  Banker-Farmer Briefs.
    One party recently purchased 20 head of grade Guernseys through
the Banker-Farmer Exchange. These averaged $80 per head, which
price includes all costs incident to shipping (testing, feed, bedding, etc.).
                         * * .* *
    A party who last year purchased a carload of Holsteins through the
Banker-Farmer Exchange was so well pleased with his stock that he
came back very recently and purchased another load.
                         * * * *
   A man who last summer purchased two heifer calves, grade Guern-
seys, through us, writes to tell us how well pleased he is with them.
He also states that he is telling other interested parties of his state
(Utah) about the Banker-Farmer Exchange. Our boosters are grow-
ing in number!
                         * *, * *
    It is interesting and gratifying to note the increasing number of
banks from other States who are writing to the Banker-Farmer Ex-
change for stock for their patrons. A short time ago a banker from
Iowa with a party'of farmers from his community came to Wisconsin
and purchased a carload of Holsteins through the Banker-Farmer
    The Banker-Farmer Exchange has a complete line of purebred
seeds for sale and is in position to fill orders of all hinds. Write us
for our seed list and order blank.
                          * * * *
    A bank writes: "Your Banker-Farmer Handbook is very popular:
with our farmers. Will you*kindly send us 200 more."
jp     . .-       -
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