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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Kelley, Elizabeth B.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 18: some home conveniences PDF (936.0 KB)

   Light in the Farm Home... Bulletin'103 of the Pennsylvania
State Agricultural College (State College, Pa) and 93 of the Iowa
State College (Ames, Ia.) show how the farm home may be as
well lighted as the city home at very little more cost than it now
takes to light them with the kerosene hand lamp. (See Missouri
Eng. Exp. Sta. Bull. 1.)
    Heat all the House. The hot water or hot air furnace in the
farm home saves fuel and labor, and gives an even heat in every
room, thus doing much toward preserving the health of the family.
    Make Wash Day Easier. Power and hand washing machines
can be installed in the farm home at comparatively low cost and
much of the hard work of wash day will be avoided. See bulletin
"Wash Day Made Easier", by Abby L. Marlatt and Luella M.
Scovill of the Department of Home Economics of the University
of Wisconsin. Copies sent free to all residents of the state on
    Cleanliness Means Better Health. On many farms which are
 supplied with electric power, vacuum cleaners can be added to
 the equip-                                      ment. Many
 h o u s ewives                                  too, are well
 pleased with   Why not use an engine to      the work of
 the hand ma-   pump water into the kitchen   chines.  The
                and bath room and run the     help to pre-
 vent woet      washer?                          might be dis-
 ease laden,                                     dust being
 scattered about the home. Cheese cloth and cotton cord prepared
 in cedar oil are the indispensable companions of the vacuum
 cleaner. No more old fashioned feather dusters that chase the
 dust about the room and never catch it.
     Ice Box Means Better Foods For three months in the year,
 the Wisconsin streams and lakes are ice locked. Why should not
 some of nature's abundant supply of ice be earried over to keep
 cur food fresh and appetizing in the summer heat?
     Other Aids to Housekeeping. Many a woman has found that
  by using a dishwasher run by power or hand, the day's dishes of
  a family of eight can be washed and dried in less than fifteen
  minutes. A mop pail with a wringer attached to be worked with
  the foot, does away with the necessity of scrubbing on hands and
  knees, and saves the hands from the effects of strong soaps and
  washing powders. The use of a fireless cooker makes it possible

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