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Helmenstine, John F. / Weehaukaja: a history of the village of Barneveld and the town of Brigham
Volume two (August 1977)

Chapter fifteen - businessmen and businesswomen,   pp. 5-36

Page 26

Fred Klusendorf ready to make a sales trip to Madison in 
the 1940's.            - Courtesy of Fred Klusendorf 
and 50 to Madison people). Part of his success 
was due to the fact that he could sell cars to 
people in Madison, especially University profes- 
    His sons received a good training from their 
father in running a automobile dealership.  In 
1953, he helped set up Frederic in a dealership in 
Mount Horeb and helped set up Tom in Dodgeville 
in 1957. Fred retired in 1958 because of his heart 
    KNITTING FACTORY was rumored to be 
starting in Barneveld, by the Register-Friend 
Newspaper of 12-5-1890, as follows.... 
       "Dame rumor has it that a knitting factory 
       will be started in Barneveld. The large 
       building of Mrs. A. E. Davis is mentioned to 
       be used for the enterprise. By the way, if 
       this report has any foundation, certainly 
       every businessman of our village, and every 
       property owner in this neighborhood will 
       manifest his interest toward it, for, in our 
       estimation there is nothing that will bring 
       more business and life to a village or city, 
       and raise the property value in it and the 
       surrounding country than well-paying fac- 
       tories of any kind.." 
    KNUDTSON, TEAMAN was a mail carrier in 
Pokerville in the 1870's. 
    KOLE, ANTON S. owned the corner store 
and sold groceries in the 1950's. 
    KOMPLIN AUTO BODY was operated in the 
old Barber Cheese Factory by Lyle Komplin from 
1971 to 1974. (Too bad he couldn't make a go of it, 
as he does good work.) 
    KOMPLIN SIGN SERVICE was located in the 
old Trout Creek Cheese Factory and was owned by 
Selmer Komplin. Komplin also did car painting 
and body work, during which time he taught his 
son, Lyle, the tricks of the trade. 
    KROEKER, H. was a harnessmaker in Barn- 
eveld on the north side of the tracks in 1887. 
     KUHLMAN, I. W. was a watch repairer at 
the drugstore in Barneveld in 1910. His ads said, 
"All work guaranteed!" They also advertised that 
he had been a watch inspector at the Hampden 
Watch Factory for 11 years. 
     KURTH, J. was a wheelwright at Hyde in the 
     KURTH, WILLIAM was a painter in Barn- 
eveld from the 1890's to the 1920's. 
     KVERNAN, OSCAR worked at times as a 
dynamiter out of Barneveld in the 1920's and 
    LAMPOP, FRED bought the livery stable in 
Barneveld in 1891. In 1900, he sold his farm 
machine business to Tom Jones Jr. In 1906, the 
Chronicle noted that he closed the mill to go into 
the threshing business. 
    LAMPOP, HERMAN made molasses in part- 
nership with Charlie Theobald and Ed Campbell in 
the 1920's and 1930's. 
    LEARY, JOHN V.      was a plumber and 
electrician in the 1930's. He also had a milk route 
in the village of Barneveld then. 
    LEASON AND MINIX      were partners in a 
general store sometime before 1910 in the corner 
store in Barneveld. 
    LEWIS, JOHN        was a carpenter in the 
Barneveld area from the turn of the century to the 
1930's. One of the homes that he put up still 
stands on the Glenn Thronson place. 
    LEY, MATTHEW was a tailor in Pokerville 
before the Civil War. 
    LEYSON, MISS ESTHER was a dressmaker 
in Barneveld in 1897 before she became Mrs. John 
    LITHIA SPRINGS was the brand name given 
to the mineral water that flowed from a spring 
on the land of Reverend John H. Davis. This 
spring was located in a valley just north of 
Barneveld. If you follow the ravine that starts 
where Jones Street ends and turn left when you 
reach the valley floor, you'll find a stone well 
about 100 yards down the valley. This is evidently 
where the spring was located as well as being the 
location of Park Hill Springs Park. 
    The following quotes are from the Barneveld 
Department of the Dodgeville Chronicle. 
    6-15-1894. ."July 4th will be celebrated here 
      in an elegant style. The Rev. John H. Davis 
      Park will formally be open. It has the 
      purest of water, shade   trees, chairs, 
      swings, benches and hammocks for the en- 
      joyment of all." 
    7-6-1894. .... "Rev. John H. Davis has received 
      from Prof. Daniels, State Chemist, an analy- 
      sis of the water from his spring which shows 

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