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Galpin, Charles J.; Cox, Alonzo B. (ed.) / Rural, social and economic problems of the United States
Bulletin No. 3 (June 1919)

The South,   pp. 7-10 PDF (1.2 MB)

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No. 111-9
The people never have a stated time for getting together in mass
meeting. We need local self-government for the rural districts
just as we already have for the towns." "We need the people of
each community organized into a unit having for its purpose the
betterment, uplift, and education of the community."
Better Business. "The essential and fundamental need of mak-
ing provision for securing to the farmer an adequate return upon his
expenditure of labor and capital in the conduct of his business."
"The economic causes for lack of leadership in the country commun-
ity." "The lack of business leadership in the rural communities
part negro and part white, sparse settlement and poor roads." "The
great economic need is applied scientific agriculture." "The use
of better business methods in farming is very badly needed. It is
necessary that the farmer study his business carefully in order that
he may keep it adjusted to economic conditions." "Diversified
farming where people will produce food and clothing for their own
The Race Problem. "A better understanding between all classes
in the interest of all concerned." "The great social problem of
South is and has been all these years the race problem."
The School Problem. "Our rural sections have not had as good
schools as they ought to have had." "More money and better
training facilities for the training of rural elementary and sec-
ondary teachers and such rural leaders as county agents, and home
demonstrators." "Better education and a wider diffusion of the
benefits of education, particularly among the rural classes." "We
consider education of the right kind the greatest of all problems."
"The school is a place to teach and drill children in the methods of
organization and the organization point of view." "The problem
of getting the colleges and universities to develop competent, con-
secrated leaders for the rural community." "Consolidation of the
rural schools." "The school system of the state is away behind."
"We need an efficient rural school system with terms twice as long
as at present, compulsory attendance, better school buildings."
"The fundamental problem of all is the proper education of the
rural population, both white and black."
Church Problem and Other Social ProblemsL "Church federa-
tion in some sections." Problem of better rural social institutions."
"Are pastors of the country churches refusing to assume leadership
in any economic questions of applied Christianity I" "The de-
struction of excessive ruralism." "The spiritualization of re-
ligion." "The great social need is rural cultural organization
leadership."  "Our rural churches need rejuvenation in some
way." "The rural churches are having great difficulty in adjust-

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