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Galpin, Charles J.; Cox, Alonzo B. (ed.) / Rural, social and economic problems of the United States
Bulletin No. 3 (June 1919)

Statements of the rural social and economic: New England and the middle Atlantic states,   pp. 4-7 PDF (1.2 MB)

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No. 111-4
make the consolidation of schools a very serious problem." "The
improvement of our district schools and the development of our
country high schools to meet the needs of rural people." "The
problem of securing adequate rural schools owing to demand for
the beet teachers in the city." "How to redirect the energies of
the common school so as to make it a means of interpreting to the
rural folks their own environment." "Free education in every sub-
ject from the primary grades through the university. . .. The
farm problem will not be solved as long as the accident of being born
on a farm denies so many children the privilege of attending a high
school." "Better schools and schools better adapted to county
methods." "We need better school houses, better education in
agricultural subjects and problems." "The present type of edu-
cation leads the most competent and ambitious to commercial cen-
ters." "Schools are backward, morals low, and community spirit
Rural Church. "The church is very greatly hampered by tradi-
tion, the loss of leaders, by unfortunate training on the part of the
ministers, and by sectarian division. The idealism of the com-
munity largely centers in the churches, but it is more or less wasted
on trivial things, and seemingly there is no program worked out to
settle the problem." "The need of ministers trained for work in
rural churches. Many of the rural ministers have had no training
at all and those who have had seminary training have no under-
standing of rural social problems" "How to undenominationalize
the rural religious organizations." "The lack of a strong virile
church is very apparent." "Weak churches manned by poorly
gifted and poorly educated ministers, on salaries so small that it is
impossible to make a respectable living." "Need of stronger com-
munity consciousness among members of rural churches."
Rural Social Life. "The problem of intemperance and social
vice due to the legalized liquor traffic and high percentage of foreign
born." "We need more community spirit and co-operation." "The
social problem is that of an agreeable social life with companion-
ship and comradeship among young farmers who have to start at
the bottom and work up, For a young farmer to start in an old com-
munity among well established farmers, some of whom have in-
herited their farms, who have a fund of capital, good houses and
automobiles, while he, the young farmer, must deprive himself of
all these things for a considerable period, is very discouraging. It
is a real social hardship to be a "poor white" among well-to-do
owners." "How to rejuvenate for the purpose of recreation the
serious attitude of mind toward life on the part of the grown ups."
"The isolation of the rural home from social advantages is marked,
hence the need of more effective organization."

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