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Galpin, Charles J.; Cox, Alonzo B. (ed.) / Rural, social and economic problems of the United States
Bulletin No. 3 (June 1919)

Statements of the rural social and economic: New England and the middle Atlantic states,   pp. 4-7 PDF (1.2 MB)

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and economic problems are due to the overbalanced industry oppose
ing profitable agricultural development." "How to revise the
sheep industry so as to enable it to win against Montana pasturage
and the local dogs. How to make dairying profitable in the face
of high price grain and hay. How to make the poultry industry
pay in the face of California cold storage shipments and shipments
from other sections and in the face of high priced grain." "The
reclamation of large areas of uncultivated land now in the state."
"The problem of getting farmers organized into a compact body
which can express itself on public questions and can also take
measures to simplify distribution is essential."
Farm Labor. "The question of farm labor is a serious one."
"The problem of securing adequate labor on the farm, due to com-
petition with a continually growing demand for industrial labor,
organized and well paid." "The excessive high wage paid by muni-
tion factories has a demoralizing effect on farm labor." "Every
farm community should do all in its power to prevent the intro.
duction of any kind of laborers who do not promise to be assimi-
lated."  "The difficulty of getting competent help."  "Making
better use of our labor and labor saving deviess." "Need of some
adjustment between agricultural and industrial labor needs."
Legislative Problems "We need some legislation with reference
to markets in order to make farming more profitable." "The care
of feebleminded in country districts." "Repeal of the socalled
Daylight Savings BiU." "The greatest problem confronting agri-
culture at present is educating the city people and their representa-
tives in the legislature to realize the fact that it costs money to live
in the country and grow crops so that they will pay a fair price and
not investigate and legislate the farmer out of business." "The
farmer's point of view does not receive adequate expression in legis-
lative halls or in many bureaucratic commissions to which we are
delegating the power of government" "Legislation is needed that
will do for agriculture what the federal reserve system has done
for industry in furnishing short-time credit."
Roads. "Better roads."  "We need better roads than we have
to touch the farm sections." "The problem of building and main-
taining good roads owing to the heavy truck traffic between cities."
"The roads are almost impassable in winter so the farmer can
market his crops only in certain seasons."
Credit. "It would be desirable to have the credit system so per-
fected that the average age at which ownership is acquired could be
reduced to thirty years . . . Positive legislation that will bring
together the persons who have money to lend and the young farmer
who wishes to establish a farm home."
Rural Schools. "Conservatism of the people and topography

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