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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: P],   pp. 123-131 PDF (2.2 MB)

Page 124

      PAL                   124                PAT
 PALMISANO       ANTONIO, fruits and confectionery, 969
   College av., res. same.
 Paneitz John, lab., res. 832 Durkee.
 Pantzlaff Emma, domestic 579 Lawe.
 Pantzlaff Hubert, hostler, res. Northwestern Hotel.
 Pantzlaff Hulda, domestic 579 Lawe.
 Papayianakos Epaminondas, elk. Peter Capsahls, res. 778 Col-
 lege av.
 Pardee Albert L.. elk. Plumb & Nelson Co., res. 782 Durkee.
 PADI)EE BROS. (Frank, Edwin and Wesley D. Pardee),
   painters and decorators, 653 Oneida.
 Pardee Charles A., grocer, 780 College av., res. 693 Morrison.
 Par(lee Edwin (Pardee Bros.), res. 778 Morrison.
 Pardee Frank J. (Pardee Bros.), res. 737 Pacific.
 Pardee Harry, painter, res. 778 Morrison.
 Pardee James, driver, res. 8,31 Morrison.
 Pardee James, proprietor Telulah Water Co.
 Pardee Wesley 1). (Pardee Bros.), res. 76.1 Drew.
 Pardee William, res. 778 Morrison.
 Paris Mary Mrs., res. 675 Superior.
 Parish Jay, cutter boss, res. 704 Union.
 parish Myra Miss, res. 704 Union.
 Parish Philander T., tray. agt., res. 704 Union.
 Parish Zula Miss, res. 704 Union.
 Park Hotel, William Struck, prop., 670 College av.
 Parkes Elsie, domestic 634 Green Bay.
 Parks Carrie Miss, res. 963 Atlantic.
 Parks George, broommkr, res. 963 Atlantic.
 Pasch Albert, paper tier Patten Mills, res. 891 Superior.
 Pasch Charles, lab., res. 947 Gilmore.
 Pasch Marie Miss, res. 532 North.
 Pasch Richard, lab., res. 532 North.
 Pasch Robert, lab., res. 532 North.
 Pasch Rudolplh F. (Pasch & Pequin), res. 947 Gilmore.
 Pasch Wilhelmine (wid. Charles), res. 532 North.
 PASCH & PEQUIN (Rudolph F. Pasch and Solomon
 Pequin), painters, 947 Gilnore.
 Pasch. See also Basch.
 Patterson Clementine (wid. John), res. 487 Pacific.
 Patten Azel W., pres. Patten Paper Co., res. 632 Park av.
 Patten Lyman B., res. 503 Washington.
PATTEN PAPER CO. (limited), Azel W. Patten, pres.;
  Thomas Patten, v.-pres.; John McNaughten, sec. and treas.;
  mnfrs. print and book paper, Grand Chute Island.

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