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Sebenthal, Betty; Darrow, M.M.; Babcock, Vera; Kittleson, Ansel (ed.) / The Mount Horeb centennial book : 1861-1961

Part twelve: Churches,   pp. 83-90 PDF (3.7 MB)

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by Rev. Andrew R. Breines, PhD, Pastor
German Immigrant Beginnings
St. Ignatius Congregation, Mt. Horeb, has its
roots in Holy Redeemer Mission, Perry Town-
ship. The latter was settled by German Catho-
lic immigrants during the period beginning in
1846 - fifteen years before the village of Mt.
Horeb was established in 1861, a hundred years
The first chronicler of these events was Law-
rence Post, an early settler and founding member
of the Perry Church; later a Civil War veteran
and township officer. He recorded the names of
the first German Catholic settlers and the years
in which they arrived in Perry. "These settled
mostly in the north-east section of the town of
Perry," he wrote, "and in a few years formed
the nucleus of what is now Holy Redeemer (St.
Salvator) congregation." The rest of the town-
ship was predominantly Norwegian and Luth-
Area Catholics Face A Crisis
During  this initial period, 1846-61, these
pioneers worshipped in the nearest Catholic
rad was the first resident p
In March, 1859, a crisis str
community in Perry which
range consequences for th(
descendants: Mrs. Simon
Post) became critically ill; h
of. She wanted the minist
Vincent Holtz, a neighbor,
to Madison, calling at Holy
Father Michael Haider, org
tor of the congregation, ansv
ing his way over hills and
many places fording little
reached the bedside of Mrs.:
minister the last sacraments
She died shortly after the
was buried from Holy R,
Perry Church Is Planned
This experience led to 1
Perry Catholic Church. Dr
and tedious journeys, the
counsel of Fr. Haider. He
main united and advised the
as soon as they felt able to
At the Madison priest's su
at the nearest Catholic churc
at Cross Plains. Fr. Conrad r
ly and promised to come oc
days in order to celebrate MN
to baptize and, in general,
spiritual needs of the Perry
time, our chronicler remind
not exist, and Perry was a
Under the direction of I
successor, the Reverend Fa
the Perry Catholics began
first Catholic church in the t
The above-mentioned teml
continued throughout 1859 a
1860. When several more (

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