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Wisconsin Academy review


Scott, Walter E., Editor
Wisconsin Academy review
Vol. 6, No. 2
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Spring 1959

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[Cover] Wisconsin Academy review


The chemistry of cosmetics, Darling, Stephen F. pp. 49-51

Parfrey's Glen--relic of antiquity, Leighton, Louise pp. 52-54

Forests and water: a tale of two watersheds, Sartz, Richard S. pp. 55-58

Professor Helen White honored, p. 58

Conservation Commission accepts Mead Wildlife Area, p. 59

Dutch elm disease in Wisconsin: progress report, Hafstad, George pp. 60-62

A note on the cover painting, Logan, Frederick M. p. 62

High school mathematics contest, Wagner, R. D. pp. 63-64

Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation, Inc. , Zillmer, Raymond T. pp. 65-66

Editorial policies for the Academy's Transactions, Publications committee pp. 67-68

Introducing Leslie H. Fishel, p. 68

State and Academy news, pp. 69-[72 and 73]

Ella M. Hanawalt, p. 74

The bookshelf, pp. 75-82

Junior Academy news, Thomson, John W. p. 83

Preparation and reactions of the Grignard reagents, Carberry, Edward pp. 84-85

Mathematics and music, Lowe, Carol pp. 85-86

Construction of a solar furnace, Kurz, Jerome pp. 86-87

Combination electrocardiograph and electroencephalograph, Hulick, Tim pp. 87-88

Theory and construction of simple binary computers, Thomas, Dick p. 89

Controlling and using solar energy, Isensee, Allen p. 90

In memoriam, pp. 91-96 ff.

[Cover] Generalized map showing soil erosion in Wisconsin

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