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Wisconsin Cranberry School 1999 proceedings


Roper, Teryl R., Editor
Wisconsin Cranberry School 1999 proceedings
Volume 10
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association, 1999

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Phytophthora root rot of cranberries, Oudemans, Peter V. pp. 1-4

Integrated management of cottonball, McManus, Patricia; Best, Violet; Voland, Rick pp. 5-11

The Food Quality Protection Act: an update, and what it may mean to the future of cranberry insect control, Mahr, Daniel L. pp. 12-14

Chemical characteristics of cranberry water sources, Hanson, Eric pp. 15-19

Cranberry production in Michigan, Hanson, Eric pp. 20-21

Figuring out stem gall (canker), McManus, Patricia pp. 22-24

Cranberry fruit rot, Oudemans, Peter V. pp. 25-28

Upright dieback vs. uprights dying back, McManus, Patricia pp. 29-31

Cranberries 101: highlights of crop growth and development, fertility and fertilizers, plant nutrition, water quality, and soil characteristics, Smith, Jonathan D. pp. 32-39

Winter management and hardiness using finite element analysis to model heat transfer during and after the winter flood, Altwies, James, et al. pp. 40-45

3M sprayable pheromone for mating distruption of blackheaded fireworm: use in IPM programs and examples from reseach [research] trials, Fitzpatrick, Sheila pp. 46-51

Late bloom, Roper, Teryl R. pp. 52-55

Principles of weed management, Roper, Teryl R. pp. 56-59

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