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Wisconsin Cranberry School 1990 proceedings


Roper, Teryl R., Editor
Wisconsin Cranberry School 1990 proceedings
Volume 1
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association, 1990

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Entomogenous nematodes for grub control in cranberries, Smith, Kirk A. p. 1

How will the revisions to ch ag 29 affect cranberry growers?, Fredrickson, Dave pp. 2-4

Cranberry fruit set: problems and potentials, Stang, Elden J. pp. 5-6

Research report: seasonal occurrence of spores of the cottonball fungus, Monilinia oxycocci, Sanderson, P. G.; Jeffers, S. N. pp. 7-9

Research report: effects of routine fungicide applications on cranberry vine productivity and berry rots in storage, 1986-1988, Jeffers, Steven N. pp. 10-12

Beneficial uses of entomogenous nematodes in agriculture, Smith, Kirk A. p. 13

Biotechnology crop research update, Dines, Allen J. pp. 14-16

Cranberry tipworm, Mahr, Daniel L.; Kachadoorian, Roseann pp. 17-22

The University of Wisconsin-Extension cranberry integrated pest management program, with comments on monitoring methods in relation to pheromone trap counts for blackheaded fireworm, Kachadoorian, Roseann.; Mahr, Daniel L. pp. 23-28

Legal liabilities, Weymouth, Richard D. pp. 29-31

Wetland wildlife enhancement, Haug, Joseph C. pp. 32-33

Skin cancer, pp. 34-36

Petroleum product storage tank regulation: Safety and Buildings Division, Bureau of Petroleum Inspection and Fire Prevention, pp. 37-41

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