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27th annual report Wood County Extension Service. 1947


27th annual report Wood County Extension Service. 1947
v. : ill. ; 29 cm.

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[Cover] 27th annual report. Wood County extension service: 1947

Appreciation, Shestock, Cecelia M.; Rowe, D. R.; Mathison, DeVerne

Narrative summary Wood County agricultural extension service: November 1, 1946 to October 31, 1947, Rowe, Donald R. p. 1

Program planning, p. 1

Dairy herd improvement, pp. 1-4

Quality milk production, pp. 4-5

Conservation, pp. 5-6

Cooperative service to farm organizations, p. 6

[Crop improvement], pp. [unnumbered]-10

Livestock improvement, p. 10

Publicity, p. 10

Farm labor, p. 11

Weed and insect control, p. 11

What are the plans for next year, p. 12

Statistical summary, p. 13

Report of home economics extension activities: Nov. 1, 1946 to Nov. 1, 1947, Shestock, Cecelia M.

"A better and happier tomorrow", pp. 14-16

Program -- as outlined for 1946-47, pp. 16-18

Food production, p. 18

Food preservation, p. 18

Recreation and community life, pp. 18 ff.

4-H club work, p. 19

How the work was carried on, pp. 19-22

Cooperation obtained from co-workers, rural people and public agencies, p. 22

Accomplishments, p. 22

Summary of projects - 1946-7, p. 23

Significance of work accomplished, p. 24

New Year's program, pp. 24-25

Wood County home demonstration program for 1947-48, p. 26

Statistical summary for home demonstration agent, p. 27

Specialists and others assisting, p. 27

Wood Co 4H club work: 1946-47. Report of county club agents activities, Dennee, Ralph; Mathison, DeVerne

Wood County 4-H club work - 1946-47, pp. 28-30

Organization, pp. 30-33

Activities, pp. 33-36

Publicity, p. 36

Judging and demonstrations, pp. 36-38

Fire prevention and safety, pp. 38-39

Record books and health reports, p. 39

Achievement, pp. 39-42

4-H club creed, pp. 42 ff.

4-H club work in Wood County - 1947, p. 43

Wood County 4-H club calendar, pp. 43-44

Statistical summary for 4-H club agent, p. 45

Specialists, p. 45

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