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The Wisconsin horticulturist


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. VI, No. 11
January 1902

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[Frontispiece] A view from the old Shaw's garden

[Title page] The Wisconsin horticulturist, p. [5]

Officers of the State Horticultural Society for 1901, p. [5]

The Missouri botanical garden, Trelease, William pp. [5]-8

The ox-eye daisy, M. C. C. J. pp. 8-9

The poor man's apple, Goff, E. S. p. 10

Christmas in the sunny south, Read, L. H. pp. 11-12

Some strawberries, pp. 12-15

Protection from sun scald, Edwards, A. J. pp. 15-16

The Iowa horticultural meeting, held at Des Moines, Dec. 10-12, 1901, Converse, D. C. pp. 17-20

How we raised the apples that took the gold medal at the Pan-American, Barnes, A. D. pp. 20-22

Exhortation to bill, pp. 22-23

Color of apples affected by condition of tree, Hitchings, Grant M. pp. 23-24

Mr. Hitchings' advice to a beginner, Hitchings, Mr. p. 24

Thinning of fruit, Wilder, Marshall P. pp. 24-25

Spraying for fungous diseases, Burrill, Prof. p. 25

Discovery of a ladybug that devours the San Jose scale, Van Deman, H. E. pp. 26-27

An up-to-date grubbing machine, p. 27

For the household, p. 28

Glimpses of horticulture on a trip to Europe, Bones, B. R. pp. 29-30

Annual meeting of Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, at Madison, Wis., Feb. 3-6, 1902, Herbst, J. L. pp. 31-33

Death of W. T. Innis, Kellogg, L. G. p. 34

Death of H. M. Lyman, pp. 34-[36] ff.

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