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The Wisconsin horticulturist


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. VI, No. 4
June 1901

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[Frontispiece] The late Prof. Otto Lugger, Minnesota state entomologist

[Title page] The Wisconsin horticulturist, p. [5]

Death of a great entomologist, Prof. Otto Lugger, pp. [5]-6

Otaheite orange, p. 7

Petunias, pp. 7-8

A word to farmers' wives, pp. 9-10

Blueberries--varieties and the soil they require, Johnson, Wesley pp. 10-12

A cover crop for the orchard, Taft, L. R. pp. 12-14

Treatment and care of strawberry plants the second year, McGregor, H. E. pp. 14-16

Wanted--a coreless crab, Goff, E. S. pp. 16-17

Preparing fruit for exhibition, p. 18

Kill the English sparrow, Childs, John Lewis p. 19

Thankful, p. 19

The melon louse, p. 20

Melon blight, pp. 20-21

Melon blight and soda bordeaux, pp. 21-22

Mulching melons, Farmer, O. J. p. 22

To kill cabbage worms, p. 23

Trouble with squash vines, p. 23

For the household, pp. 23-25

Movement of the soil in the successful vineyard, p. 25

Leave on the leaves, p. 26

Varieties of grapes best adapted to Minnesota, Murray, J. W. pp. 26-27

Waukesha leads; who will follow?, p. 28

Meeting of the executive committee, Herbst, J. L. pp. 28-29

Our new trial orchard, Kellogg, L. G. p. 29

Wisconsin trial orchard at Wausau, Herbst, J. L. p. 30

From the report of state board of agriculture, June 1, 1901, True, John M. pp. 30-31

The fruit outlook, pp. 31-34

The color scheme of the Pan-American, p. 34

Editor's notes, pp. 34-35 ff.

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