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The Wisconsin horticulturist


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. V, No. 11
January 1901

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[Frontispiece] Purple-leaved barberry

[Title page] The Wisconsin horticulturist, p. [5]

Officers of the State Horticultural Society for 1900, p. [5]

The new year, p. [5]

The dwarf juneberry as a hedge-plant, pp. 6-7

Spraying primulas, p. 7

Report of Prof. E. S. Goff as delegate to Minnesota State Horticultural Society, Goff, E. S. pp. 8-9

Do the right thing at the right time, Pearson, Chas. L. pp. 10-11

How to test the vitality of garden seeds, pp. 11-13

Christmas trees, Johnson, Wesley p. 13

Pulls up the roots of weeds, pp. 14-15

An Indian school, Preston, R. C. pp. 15-16

Iowa's hardy list, p. 17

A costly comma, p. 17

Iowa echoes, p. 18

Notes from some of the state meetings, pp. 19-20

The culture of American ginseng, Kelsey, Harlan P. pp. 20-22

Professor Forbes' report of nursery inspection in Illinois, Forbes pp. 23-24

Southeastern Iowa meeting, Guilford, W. H. pp. 24-25

Pruning, McCallen, A. D. pp. 25-26

Teaching spraying at farmers' institutes, p. 26

Advantages of country life, p. 27

Stick to the farm, young man, p. 28

Girdling grapes, Wood, E. W. p. 28

Poisonous plants, p. 29

For the household, p. 30

Report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association, p. 31

Government bulletins of value to mothers, p. 32

Catalogues and reports received, p. 32

Editor's notes, pp. 33-34 ff.

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