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The Wisconsin horticulturist


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. V, No. 3
May 1900

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[Frontispiece] Horticultural Hall, Minnesota School of Agriculture

[Title page] The Wisconsin horticulturist, p. [5]

Officers of the State Horticultural Society for 1900, p. [5]

Horticultural Hall, State School of Agriculture, St. Anthony Park, Minn., pp. [5]-6

Chrysanthemums, Rexford, Eben E. p. 7

Rose slugs and rose bugs, Barber, S. M. p. 7

Whale oil soap, N. S. p. 8

Garden thoughts, p. 8

Syringa japonica, p. 8

The surprise plum, p. 9

Some things learned in forty years' experience as an orchardist in Wisconsin, Tuttle, A. G. p. 9

Blackberry cultivation, p. 10

Feed the berry plants, Lighty, L. W. p. 11

Death to the currant worm, M. C. C. J. pp. 12-13

The Margaret strawberry, p. 13

Amateur melon culture, pp. 14-15

Soil for cauliflower, pp. 15-16

Our Paris exhibit, pp. 16-17

Vegetables in education, p. 17

Apple barrels, p. 17

Poultry raising taught in college, p. 18

Poison in wild cherry leaves, pp. 18-19

Antidote to the poison of the bee, p. 19

The census enumerator--get ready for him, pp. 19-20

The government whitewash, p. 20

Brookside berry farm, Pearson, Chas. L. p. 21

A few words about our history of horticulture, Hoxie, B. S.; Hatch, A. L. pp. 22-24

The trial orchard, Herbst, J. L. pp. 24-25

Early spring notes from McConnell, Illinois, Kluck, N. A. pp. 25-26

Cataloguing fruits, Hatch, A. L. p. 26

Some Brown County notes, Smith, Irving C. pp. 26-27

Report on small fruit from Badger State Farm, Sparta, Wis., Hanchett, Geo. and Son pp. 27-28

A few words from F. C. Edwards, Edwards, F. C. p. 28

An orchard stricken by hail, Hagen, Ole J. p. 29

Girdling, Dartt, E. H. S. pp. 29-30

Summer meeting of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society to be held at Wausau, June 20-21, 1900, pp. 30-33

For the household, p. 34

Fruit prospect in Dubuque, Iowa, Guilford, W. H. p. 34

Editor's notes, pp. 35-[36] ff.

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