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The Wisconsin horticulturist


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. V, No. 1
March 1900

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[Blank pages], pp. [unnumbered]-[3]

[Frontispiece] J. L. Herbst, p. [4]

[Title page] The Wisconsin horticulturist, p. [5]

Officers of the State Horticultural Society for 1900, p. [5]

J. L. Herbst, p. [5]

Growing sweet peas, Marshall, S. H. pp. 6-8

Small fruits at the Wisconsin experiment station, Cranefield, Frederic pp. 8-10

Hints for flower growers, M. C. C. J. pp. 10-11

What are you going to do about it?, J. R. p. 11

Notes and comments, Rusticus, John pp. 12-13

History of Wisconsin horticulture. An important volume in preparation, Hoxie, B. S.; Goff, E. S. pp. 14-15

Culture of small fruits in connection with other farming, Stark, Frank pp. 15-18

Best plan to conduct a correct nursery business, Edwards, F. C. pp. 18-21

A further report of the annual meeting of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, pp. 21-25

Report of committee on resolutions, Campbell, Vie H.; Converse, D. C.; Kellogg, L. G. pp. 25-26

Irving C. Smith's report of the Minnesota convention, Smith, Irving C. pp. 26-28

A protest, Loope, T. E. pp. 28-30

An orchard experience, Pease, D. E. pp. 30-32

New trial orchard, Johnson, Franklin p. 32

A new book on the South, pp. 32-33

Editorial notes, pp. 33-34

Wisconsin State Horticultural Society committees for 1900, pp. 35-[36]

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