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The Wisconsin horticulturist


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. IV, No. 10
December 1899

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[Frontispiece] Bechtel's double-flowered American crab

[Title page] The Wisconsin horticulturist, p. [5]

Bechtel's double-flowering crab, Toole, Wm. p. [5]

A few foliage plants, Cranefield, Frederic pp. 6-8

Save the Christmas tree, p. 8

Hygiene in the home, Campbell, Vie H. pp. 9-12

A temperance sermon, p. 12

Report of delegate to the meeting of the Northeastern Iowa Horticultural Society, Philips, A. J. pp. 13-15

A simple method of killing apple borers, Guilford, W. H. pp. 15-16

Battery to fight the bugs, pp. 16-17

Apples in the odd year, Hyde, James F. C. p. 17

Fruit notes from Sturgeon Bay, Hatch, A. L. p. 18

Old friends among the strawberries, McGregor, H. E. pp. 18-22

Brookside berry farm, Pearson, Chas. L. pp. 22-23

A correction, Kellogg, Geo. J. p. 24

Fall report of the trial orchard, Philips, A. J. pp. 24-26

Omro Chrysanthemum Show and Fair, Treleven, J. D., Mrs. p. 26

The huckleberry, p. 27

A true Christmas story, pp. 28-29

How to look at a gift, p. 29

The home, Kellogg, Geo. J. p. 30

Candy for Christmas, p. 31

Some homely hints, pp. 31-32

How to be prepared for accidents or illness, p. 32

Minnesota Horticultural Convention, pp. 33-34

Editorial notes, pp. 34-[36] ff.

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