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Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1912


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. Cranefield, F., Editor
Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1912
Vol. XLII, Part I
Madison, Wisconsin: Democrat Printing Company, State Printer, 1912

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Portion of society exhibit at state fair

[Title page] Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1912, part I , pp. [i]-[ii]

Letter of transmittal, Cranefield, Frederic pp. [iii]-[iv]

Table of contents, pp. [v]-vi

Officers and committees, 1912, p. [vii]

Committee on trial orchards: location of trial orchards, p. viii

List of fruit recommended for culture in Wisconsin, pp. [ix]-xi

Trees and shrubs recommended, pp. [xii]-xvi

Black list, pp. [xvii]-xviii

Poisons used to destroy insects in orchards and gardens, pp. [xix]-xxii

An outline of the work of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, Bingham, D. E.; Cranefield, Frederic pp. [xxiii]-xxiv

Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, p. [1]

Address of welcome, Banderob, Mayor pp. [1]-2

Response on behalf of the society, Toole, William pp. 2-3

Amateur floral decorations, Toole, Wm. pp. 3-6

Lilies, Smith, A. J. pp. 7-10

Roses, Martini, A. pp. 10-14

Flowers for the farmer, Howlett, Marcia pp. 15-18

Canning. Home canning of fruits, Smith, Irving, Mrs. pp. 18-21

My prize corn, Smith, J. Mills pp. 21-22

Conservation of bird life, Kutchin, Victor pp. 22-26

Laws of 1911 affecting members, Richardson, C. L. pp. 27-33

Plant breeding, Whitnall, C. B. pp. 33-38

The need of playgrounds for the city child, Teller, Sidney A. pp. 39-40

After four years, Smith, Irving pp. 41-49

horticulture at the university, Moore, J. G. pp. 49-52

Crown gall and hairy root, Jones, L. R. pp. 52-54

Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society: winter meeting Madison, January 9, 10, 11, 1912, p. [55]

Address by Hon. James A. Frear, Frear, James A. pp. [55]-58

The new era in Wisconsin horticulture, Hanchett, W. H. pp. 58-63

Discussion, pp. 63-66

Marketing the apple crop, Bassett, A. K. pp. 66-75

Co-operative marketing of fruits, Rogers, P. A. pp. 75-79

President's address, pp. 80-82

Annual report of secretary, Cranefield, Frederic pp. 82-88

Report of chairman of trial orchard committee, pp. 89-93

Orchard conditions in Wisconsin, Townsend, G. H. pp. 93-104

The farm orchard, Melcher, H. C. pp. 105-109

Treatment of farm orchard after five years, Lawrence, A. W. pp. 109-110

The farm orchard--treatment after ten years, Palmer, J. S. pp. 111-112

Discussion, pp. 112-116

Horticultural methods in the East, Paddock, W. S. pp. 116-124

The house or typhoid fly, Washburn, F. L. pp. 125-129

The name and the game, Toole, William pp. 129-133

Wild flowers of Wisconsin, Howlett, Marcia H. pp. 134-135

What women can do to keep boys on the farm, Palmer, L. H., Mrs. pp. 135-140

Interiors of farm homes, Davis, Clara pp. 141-144

Why I prefer a country life, Rasmussen, Anna L. pp. 144-147

Children's gardens in Baraboo, Astle, Cora pp. 147-151

The vegetable forcing industry in Wisconsin, Ovenden, Frank pp. 151-153

Propagating nursery stock with demonstration, Moore, J. G. pp. 154-158

Cultivation and care of the tree fruit nursery, Coe, R. J. pp. 158-161

The strawberry and bush fruit nursery, Kellogg, M. S. pp. 161-165

Top working trees in the nursery, Smith, E. A. pp. 166-168 ff.

Rational care of street and shade trees, Senn, Alfred pp. 169-172

Seeds and seed selection, Tracy, W. W. pp. 173-183

Improve the small lot, McLean, Wm. G. pp. 183-187

Plant disease and sanitation, Jones, L. R. pp. 187-195

The cost of producing small fruits. A thesis submitted for the degree of bachelor of science in agriculture: University of Wisconsin, 1911, Post, Robert Lewis pp. 195-208 ff.


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