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Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1907


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. Cranefield, F., Editor
Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1907
Madison, Wisconsin: Democrat Printing Company, State Printer, 1907

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[Blank pages]

[Frontispiece] Charles G. Patten

[Title page] Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1907

Letter of transmittal, Cranefield, Frederic

Table of contents, pp. [unnumbered]-i

Constitution and by-laws, pp. [ii]-iv

Membership roll, pp. [v]-xvii

Officers and committees for 1907, pp. [xviii]-xix

Trial orchards, p. xix

Lists of fruits recommended for culture in Wisconsin, pp. [xx]-xxvii [xxii]

Trees and shrubs recommended, pp. [xxiii]-xxvii

Black list, pp. [xxviii]-xxix

Business cards of members, pp. [xxx]-xxxi ff.

Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society summer meeting. Baraboo, Wis., August 29th, 1906, p. [1]

Address of Mayor Marriott, Marriott, Mayor pp. [1]-3

Response, Loope, T. E. pp. 3-4 ff.

Native vines for shade and ornament, Toole, W. A. pp. 5-9

Cultivation of native ferns, Toole, William pp. 9-14

Some native flowers worthy of cultivation, Everett, E. pp. 14-24 ff.

All the native shrubs worth planting, Tiplady, John pp. 25-31

Practical botany, Stout, A. B. pp. 31-34 ff.

Native aquatics, Longland, William pp. 35-39

Native edible fungi, English, J. E. pp. 39-44

Lawns and surroundings, Johnson, Franklin pp. 44-48

Ideals in horticulture, Sandsten, E. P. pp. 49-52

Civic improvement, Mische, E. T. pp. 52-62

Transactions summer meeting, p. 62

[Program and premium list, summer meeting], pp. 63-65

[List of awards, summer meeting], pp. 65-66

Transactions of the winter meeting, p. [67]

Report of Secretary Cranefield, Cranefield, Secretary pp. [67]-74

Report of treasurer, Kellogg, L. G. pp. 74-80

Report of the trial orchard committee, Coe, R. J. pp. 80-83

Report of supt. of trial orchards, Cranefield, F. pp. 83-88

President's address, Loope, T. E. pp. 88-90

Breeding for hardiness and other desirable qualities, Patten, Charles G. pp. 90-96

Some problems in plant breeding, Sandsten, E. P. pp. 96-101

Breeding hardy fruits, Hansen, N. E. pp. 102-115

The Spencer seedless apple, pp. 116-118

A plant breeder's trip through Siberia and around the world, Hanson, N. E. pp. 118-122

Strawberry review, Kellogg, M. S. pp. 123-129

The cost of production in fruit growing, Fletcher, S. W. pp. 129-145

The M'intosh apple, Coe, R. J. pp. 145-147

The McIntosh red, Bingham, B. E. pp. 147-155

The Sauk County apple: sometimes called the Hanko, Reis, Albert pp. 156-158

The Hanko seedling apple, Hatch, C. A. pp. 158-161

California as a fruit state, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 162-166

The Dousman home farm school, Melville, Mr. pp. 166-170

Forestry conditions in Wisconsin, Griffith, E. M. pp. 170-184

A prose poem of the forest, Dean, Alletta F. pp. 184-185

Some things about grapes, True, C. H. pp. 185-193

Some problems in co-operative fruit marketing. Co-operative marketing of fruits, Richardson, E. A. pp. 194-200

Fruit marketing, Daub, C. H. pp. 200-202

Organizations for selling fruit, Graves, J. B. pp. 202-212

Co-operative marketing of fruit, Hutchins, Edw. pp. 212-217

Fruit marketing as viewed by the commission merchant, Loeffel, Wm. L. pp. 217-225

What the express company can do for the fruit shipper, Stimson, C. O. pp. 225-232

[Discussion of fruit marketing papers], pp. 232-238

Year's review, Bennett, A. C. pp. 238-242

Some principles of ornamental planting, Green, S. B. pp. 242-248 ff.

Report of finance committee, Smith, Irving p. 249

Election of officers, pp. 249-250 ff.

Reports of delegates, Toole, William, et al. pp. 251-266

Reports of delegates from local societies, Van Loon, John, et al. pp. 267-276

Premium list of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, pp. 277-278

List of awards--winter meeting, pp. 278-279

Report of committee on final resolutions, Toole, Wm. p. 280

Resolutions of the State Horticultural Society petitioning the legislature, p. 281

List of contributors to state fair exhibit, seedlings, pp. 281-282

The Dudley apple, pp. 282-283

The Windorff apple, pp. 283-284

L. D. Fargo, Lake Mills, on trees, Fargo, L. D. pp. 284-286

Financial report of secretary, p. 287

A flower convention. From the Wisconsin Agriculturist, Sept. 13, 1906, pp. 288-292

Index, pp. [293]-[298] ff.

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