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Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1906


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. Cranefield, F., Editor
Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1906
Madison, Wisconsin: Democrat Printing Co., State Printer, 1906

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[Blank pages]

[Frontispiece] Exhibit of Wisconsin State Horticultural Society at state fair, Milwaukee, Sept. 11-15, 1905

[Title page] Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1906, pp. [i]-[ii]

Letter of transmittal, Cranefield, Frederic pp. [iii]-[iv]

Table of contents, pp. [v]-vii

Constitution and by-laws, pp. [viii]-x

Membership roll, pp. [xi]-xx

Officers and committees for 1906, pp. [xxi]-xxii

Superintendents of trial orchards for 1906, p. xxii

Trial orchards, p. xxii

Lists of fruits recommended for culture in Wisconsin, pp. [xxiii]-xxiv

Trees and shrubs recommended, pp. [xxv]-xxviii

Black list, pp. [xxix]-xxx

Business cards of members, pp. [xxxi]-xxxii

Transactions of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society summer meeting. Oshkosh, Wis., August 29th, 1905, p. [1]

Address of welcome, Banderob, John pp. [1]-3

Response, Loope, T. E. pp. 3-4

horticulture, Gordon, W. A. pp. 4-9

The aster, Howlett, D. D. pp. 9-13

A few insects injurious to shade trees, Bues, C. E. pp. 13-22

Hardy herbaceous perennials, Tiplady, John pp. 22-27

Phlox, Drake, F. H. pp. 27-37

Delphinium and Aquilegia or larkspur and columbine, Meier, Alfred pp. 38-41

The iris family, Moyle, W. J. pp. 41-45

Peonies, Smith, A. J. pp. 46-50

The dahlia, Brown, W. S. pp. 51-56

Premium list, summer meeting, pp. 56-57

Premiums awarded, pp. 57-58

Transactions of the winter meeting, p. 59

President's address, Loope, T. E. pp. 59-62

Report of Secretary Cranefield, Cranefield, Secretary pp. 62-67

Report of superintendent of trial orchards, Cranefield, F. pp. 67-73

Report of trial orchard committee--annual inspection, Marshall, S. H. pp. 73-76

Report of trial orchard committee--locating orchards, Coe, R. J. pp. 76-80

Report of committee on co-operative fruit marketing, Hanchett, W. H. pp. 80-84

Marketing fruit, Hatch, A. L. pp. 85-86

[Marketing fruit], Rowe, Geo. E. pp. 86-94

Methods of marketing fruit in California, Walline, Austin pp. 94-98

Marketing fruit, Handly, James pp. 98-115

Strawberry review for 1905, Hanchett, W. H., et al. pp. 115-121

Strawberries, Pearson, Chas. L. pp. 121-134

Pedigree strawberry plants, Crawford, M. pp. 135-153

The Pewaukee apple, Philips, A. J. pp. 154-160

The Zettle seedling apples, Bingham, D. E. pp. 160-165

The Monroe County seedling, Menn, J. J. pp. 166-170

Cultivation and cover crops, Hedrick, N. P. pp. 170-190

Bordeaux mixture and how to make it, Beach, S. A. pp. 191-201

Pruning, Sandsten, E. P. pp. 201-211

Faith, hope and cherries, Hatch, A. L. pp. 212-214

Fire blight and apple tree canker, Whetzel, H. H. pp. 215-226

A winter industry for fruit growers and market gardeners, Moore, J. G. pp. 226-231

Spraying for potato blight and rot, Milward, James G. pp. 231-233

Report of fruit growers' excursion to southwestern Texas, Sandsten, E. P. pp. 234-237

Question box, pp. 238-239

Iowa's share with seedling apples, Reeves, Elmer pp. 239-242

Question box, pp. 242-246

Report of delegate from Eureka local society, Loope, Eva p. 247

Report of delegate from Omro Horticultural Society, Stead, Jas. p. 248

Report of Algoma society, Athearn, L. J. pp. 248-249

Report of the Waupaca County Horticultural Society, Holmes, W. H. p. 250

Report of the Lake Geneva Gardener's and Foremen's Association, Reupke, Albert H. pp. 251-253

Report of delegate to Illinois, Toole, W. A. pp. 254-255

Report of delegate to Iowa, Hanchett, William pp. 256-257

Report of delegate to n. e. Iowa, Pearson, Chas. L. pp. 257-259

Report of delegate to Minnesota, Sandsten, E. P. pp. 259-261

Report of delegate to northern Illinois, Sperbeck, M. V. pp. 262-263

Report of 1905 meeting of American Pomological Society, Marshall, S. H. pp. 263-271

Premium list, pp. 271-272

List of awards--winter meeting, p. 273

Election of officers, p. 274

[Committees appointed and elected], pp. 274-276

Financial report of F. Cranefield, secretary, Cranefield, F. p. 276

Report of treasurer, Kellogg, L. G. p. 277

Report of finance committee, Smith, Irving C.; Roe, R. J. p. 277

The successes and defeats of horticulture, Loope, T. E. pp. 278-282

From Madison Democrat, Feb. 9th, 1906, pp. 282-286

A memorial address. A. G. Tuttle, Baraboo, Wis., Johnson, Franklin pp. 286-291

Henry Floyd, Loope, T. E. pp. 292-293

Spring flowering bulbs, Cranefield, F. pp. 293-297

Spraying, Cranefield, F. pp. 298-319 ff.

Index, pp. [unnumbered]-326

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