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Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the years 1895-96. Annual meeting at Madison, February 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1896. Semi-Annual meeting at Waupaca June 16 and 17, 1896.


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. Philips, A. J., Editor
Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the years 1895-96. Annual meeting at Madison, February 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1896. Semi-Annual meeting at Waupaca June 16 and 17, 1896.
Madison, Wisconsin: Democrat Printing Co., State Printer, 1896 [covers 1895/1896]

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[Frontispiece] A. G. Tuttle

[Title page] Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the years 1895-96. Annual meeting at Madison, February 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1896. Semi-annual meeting at Waupaca June 16 and 17, 1896, pp. [i]-[ii]

Letter of transmittal, Philips, A. J. pp. [iii]-[iv]

Table of contents, pp. [v]-viii

Constitution and by-laws, pp. [ix]-xi

Act of re-organization and laws relating to the State Horticultural Society, pp. [xii]-xv

Members of the society, pp. [xvi]-xx

Committees of the society for 1896, pp. [1]-2

[Notice to members of committee on observation], Philips, A. J. p. 2

List of nurserymen and fruit growers in Wisconsin, pp. [3]-4

Fruit list, pp. [5]-10

Trees and shrubs recommended, pp. [11]-12

Report of the transactions of the twenty-sixth annual meeting of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society held in Madison February 4, 5, 6, 7, 1896, p. [13]

Report of corresponding secretary on plant distribution for 1895, Herbst, J. L. pp. [13]-19

Report of A. J. Philips on the locating of the new trial orchard, Philips, A. J. pp. 19-22

Strawberry lessons of 1895, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 22-24

Small fruit growing for a young man with small capital, Freeman, G. A. pp. 24-28

The future of the state horticultural society, Toole, Wm. pp. 28-33

Report of E. J. Scofield, Hanover, Scofield, E. J. pp. 34-40

Report of C. E. Tobey, Tobey, C. E. pp. 41-42

Report of L. G. Kellogg, Kellogg, L. G. pp. 42-43

Observations in Outagamie County, Huntley, D., Mrs. pp. 44-45

Observations in Monroe County in 1895, Menn, J. J. pp. 45-47

Observations at Weyauwega, Harden, F. A. pp. 47-48

Report of J. F. Case, Eau Claire, Wis., Case, J. F. pp. 48-49

[Discussion], pp. 50-58

[Memorial to Wisconsin State Agricultural Society], pp. 58-59

Annual address, Kellogg, L. G. pp. 59-64

Report of secretary, Philips, A. J. pp. 64-72

Report of treasurer, Coe, R. J. pp. 72-73

Report of finance committee, Johnson, Franklin; Edwards, F. C.; Barney, F. L. p. 74

[Election of officers], p. 74

Planting new trial orchard, Philips, A. J. pp. 74-75

Spraying for apple scab, pp. 76-77

Report of D. C. Converse, Fort Atkinson, Converse, D. C. pp. 77-78

[Resolution--instructing secretary to send greetings to F. W. Loudon], p. 78

Observations for season of 1895, Herbst, J. L. pp. 78-79

Protection of evergreens from drouth, Plumb, J. C. pp. 80-81

Report of committee on observation, pp. 81-83

Observations in Sauk County, Toole, Wm. p. 83

Yearly report of Eureka Society, Bradt, H. H. G. pp. 84-86

Report of Omro Horticultural Society, Treleven, Jos D., Mrs. pp. 86-87

[Report of Platteville Horticultural Society], Gilmore, H. p. 87

[Report of Vernon County Horticultural Society], Hall, J. R. p. 87

[Report of Calumet County Horticultural Society], Cressy, G. A. p. 88

Report of the La Crosse County Horticultural, Agricultural and Dairy Association, Moss, A. G. p. 88

The annual report of Grand Chute Horticultural Society, Appleton, Wis., Bushnell, C. E., Mrs. pp. 89-90

Report of Ripon Horticultural Society, Crooker, A. S. p. 90

Report of Waupaca County Horticultural Society, Harden, Fred A. pp. 90-91

Fremont Horticultural Society, Wakefield, J. p. 91

Report of Wood County Horticultural Society, Vaughn, B. M. pp. 91-93

Report of Janesville Horticultural Society, Heimstreet, E. B. p. 93

Orchards in hard places, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 93-100

Varieties and cultivation of chrysanthemums, Strong, B. W. pp. 100-104

[Election of committee on trial orchard], p. 105

[On birds], Periam, J. pp. 105-106

Experiences, lessons learned and future prospects for 1896 for southern Wisconsin, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 106-111

Strawberries, Scofield, E. J. pp. 111-116

What some of our eastern neighbors, as well as ourselves, are doing in raising fruit, Edwards, F. C. pp. 117-120

Report of trial station at Weyauwega, Wis., 1895, Hardin, F. A. pp. 120-121

Report of condition of trees planted on experimental station at Sparta, Tobey, C. E. pp. 121-122

[Transactions of summer meeting in Waupaca], pp. 122-124

[Report of awarding committee], pp. 124-126

[Letter from A. L. Hatch to Secretary Philips read], Hatch, A. L. p. 126

Discussions at the summer meeting of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society at Waupaca, June 16, 17, 1896, pp. 127-130

Waupaca County as seen from abroad, Philips, A. J. pp. 130-131

Waupaca County as seen at home, Wakefield, J. pp. 132-134

Why some horticulturists become discouraged, Treleven, Jos. D., Mrs. pp. 134-138

Report of committee on awards, Plumb, J. C.; Perry, E. A.; Harden, F. A. p. 139

Shall farmers grow small fruits?, Sweezy, A. J. pp. 140-143

horticulture in connection with our schools, Philips, Lulu pp. 143-146

Influence of horticulture upon children, Doty, F. E. pp. 146-149

Benefits derived from a local horticultural society, Robinson, A. S. pp. 149-153

How can we improve our state horticultural society, Goff, E. S. pp. 153-159

[Report on plant distribution], Herbst, John L. pp. 159-160

The vegetable garden, Hauser, John F. pp. 161-165

Sweet peas, Marshall, S. H. pp. 166-169

Work and progress, Bushnell, C. E., Mrs. pp. 169-174

Benefits of local horticultural societies, Treleven, Joseph, Mrs. pp. 174-176

Report of committee on awards, Bushnell, C. E.; Treleven, Joseph, Mrs.; Harden, Jean L. pp. 176-179

Report of committee on resolutions, pp. 180-181

[Discussion on distribution of "transactions"], pp. 181-184

Report of committee to revise premium list, p. 184

[Discussion on how to increase society's membership], pp. 184-186

Report from Eau Claire District, Case, Julius F. pp. 186-187

Report of committee on trial orchard, Kellogg, Geo. J.; Plumb, J. C. pp. 187-188

Difference in soils for blackberry culture, France, N. E. pp. 188-191

What shall we plant next spring?, Harden, Fred A. pp. 191-195

Girdling to produce early bearing, Dartt, E. H. S. pp. 195-200

The apple problem, Hinkley, M. E. pp. 200-203

[Remarks], Patten, Chas. G. pp. 203-205

The pear tree on Wisconsin soil, Moyle, W. J. pp. 205-214

Report of committee on resolutions, p. 215

Some bits of history about the apple, Hoxie, B. S. pp. 215-223

Comments on B. W. Strong's paper on chrysanthemums, Cranefield, Fred pp. 223-225

Forcing vegetables for the winter market, Cranefield, Fred pp. 225-228

[Discussion on chrysanthemums], pp. 228-229

Irrigation, pp. 230-232

Report of committee to investigate the feasibility of publishing a magazine, pp. 233-234

Our wild flower show, Porter, Cornelia pp. 235-238

The care of plum orchards, Dennis, A. B. pp. 238-239

Seedling plums, pp. 240-241

The Columbian raspberry, Coe, R. J. pp. 241-243

Report on the new trial orchard at Wausau in Marathon County, Wisconsin, Philips, A. J. pp. 243-247

Riding a hobby, Philips, A. J. pp. 247-251

The new horticulture, Philips, A. J. pp. 252-253

Concerning strawberries, Meehan, Joseph pp. 253-254

Fall work on the fruit farm, pp. 254-256

The experimental orchard at Wausau, Barnes, A. D. pp. 256-257

Top working illustrated, Philips, A. J. pp. 258-260

Japan lilies, Moyle, Walter J. pp. 260-261

Winter care of house plants, Toole, Wm. pp. 262-263

Our advancement in horticulture in Wisconsin, Adams, B. F. pp. 264-266

Horticultural notes, Periam, Jonathan pp. 267-268

Report of the Rushford Horticultural Society's chrysanthemum show, Floyd, C. E. pp. 268-269

A lesson in budding, Goff, E. S. pp. 270-272

Sketch of A. G. Tuttle, Stickney, J. S. pp. 272-274

In memoriam, pp. [275]-276

Index to volume 26, pp. [277]-279 ff.


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