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The Wisconsin horticulturist


Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. III, No. 3
May 1898

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[Frontispiece] Clematis paniculata

[Title page] The Wisconsin horticulturist, p. [5]

Clematis paniculata, M. C. C. J. pp. [5]-6

Campbell's early grape, M. C. C. J. p. 7

The Columbian raspberry--originator's method of growing it, Thompson, J. T. pp. 8-9

Columbian raspberry in Michigan, Nummer, O. A. p. 10

The Miller and Loudon raspberries, Gebhart, Benton pp. 10-11

Strawberry culture, Warfield, B. C. pp. 11-13

Report on the trial orchard at Wausau to date, Philips, A. J. pp. 13-15

Effect of a good fence, pp. 15-17

A strawberry talk, Johnson, Franklin pp. 17-20

Strawberry notes, pp. 20-22

"Irrigate with your rake", pp. 22-23

Asparagus for July and August, Kellogg, R. M. pp. 23-24

Remedy for melon blight, p. 24

An open letter--to a nursery company of western New York, Read, L. H. pp. 24-26

Southern trees not best for northern planting, Alsmeyer, E. C. pp. 26-27

Gleanings from the winter meeting, pp. 27-28

Notes on spraying, Green, W. J. pp. 28-30

Better than spraying, p. 30

Protecting high priced strawberry plants from the white grub, Warren, S. H. p. 31

Correspondence, pp. 31-32

Invitation for the summer meeting, Carey, J. B. p. 33

Choice recipes, Rorer, Mrs.; M. C. C. J. p. 34

Editorial comment, pp. 34-[36] ff.

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